CableMatic Plus - Builder's Application

CableMatic Plus - Builder's Application

     This module is operated by the constructor.  The concept is this: the engineer will prepare the information with CableMatic Plus and send issued databases to the Builder to assist installations and revisions.  This gives the Builder several capabilities including:

  1. Work Package Creation
  2. Start-Up System Creation
  3. Pull and Termination Ticket Printing.
  4. Pull and Termination Ticket Status updates
  5. Progress and Inventory Reporting
  6. Cable Reel Length Tracking.
  7. Cable and Wire Marker Printing
  8. Status Updating by Barcode
  9. and much more...

     The table below shows examples some of the different reports and status tickets available through the GSN Program; and gives a brief description of their purpose.  Click on one of the report pictures to see an enlarged view...

Construction Deliverables
A thumbnail representation of a cable pull ticket generated by the GSN Cable Management System designed to track the installation and revision information for each cable on a project.

This depicts the default Cable Pull Ticket printed by the GSN Software. If you'll look at the enlarged image you can see that a barcoding system is utilized to add to the efficiency and ease of tracking cables by the Builder. A Quality Control Checklist has also been added for convenience.

A thumbnail representation of a cable termination ticket generated by the GSN Cable Management System designed to track the installation and revision information for each cable on a project.

Similar to the Cable Pull ticket, this is the default style Termination Ticket produced by the GSN Software. Notice, a barcoding system is also utilized for Termination Tickets, as well as the same type of Quality Control Checklist for convenience.

A thumbnail depicting the GSN Raceway Tracking system; used to monitor the installation process and revision information of duct banks, conduits, and cable tray.

Our 'RITS' (Raceway Installation Tracking Spreadsheet) is used in the same manner as the Pull and Termination Tickets. This media illustrates the To and From Locations of each raceway, as well as its estimated length. It also includes fields to track the 'Installation By' field; for accountability purposes. The barcode method is available here as well.

An example of one of the progress reports generated by the GSN Cable and Raceway Management software illustrating total progress and project inventoy

An example of one of our Progress and Inventory Reports. In this report the information is sorted in regards to the Start-Up System each cable type is associated with, however, there are multiple other formats; including Work Package and Cable Type. This report can also be filtered manually for the more specific reporting needs you may have.

A thumbnail generated by the GSN cable and raceway installation software designed to group cables by the raceways they travel through; making electrical cable routing easier.

A very powerful report known simply as 'The Hitchhiker'. By entering a single cable, the GSN Software will evaluate the route of that cable and report back any other cables that will be taking the same path. That way the cables taking similar paths can be pulled at the same time and simply 'peel off' where desired.

A thumbnail illustrating the 'Outstanding Cable Report' generated by GSN's cable and raceway installation software.

This reports looks at all the cable and termination tickets that are printed and released to the field. If any of the tickets were issued before a pre-set amount of days, and have yet to have a status update, they will show in this report; bringing them to the attention of the person in charge of ticket accountability.

     When used with GSN's CableMatic PlusTM, the Builders' Module is a tool that shouldn't be dealt without.  While streamlining the process of construction management, from Cost Codes to Revision Control, this program has it all.  For a video demonstration on more of the capabilities of this software, please click the player below.