CableMatic Plus - Automatic Cable Routing

Cable Routing and Scheduling

     An animation demonstrating the cable routing features included with GSN's cable design software.

     By utilizing a Microsoft Access database, our CableMatic Plus program is used for cable routing and preparing cable and conduit schedules. Using Excel or our DBView spreadsheet program, the cable designer prepares a list of cables and includes the cable type, origin/destination equipment and service level restrictions.  This list is often created from a load list using Excel and a wiring list created by software. This data consists of raceway name, service level, size, length and from/to.  Automated cable routing uses NEC raceway fill rules to avoid overfilling the raceway. The user has an option to permit CableMatic to resize any raceway when the design provided by TrayMatic does not “lock” the size.  

     The designer is also responsible for the transition of cables from their respective origins and destinations, to the main raceway, manholes or other pull points. These transitions may be conduit end runs or drop-outs (drop-outs are not physical raceway enclosures).  When a bid package is being created or when precise routing of the cable between equipment and tray or pull point is not required, CableMatic can find tentative transitions between equipment and main raceway by determining what nearby main raceways are available which respect each cable’s segregation requirements.  In addition, CableMatic can find transitions between equipment and the closest pull point. When precise routing is required from the equipment, the designer will use TrayMatic to route the conduit or drop-outs.


In addition to cable routing, CableMatic will also record termination data.

Reporting capabilities are also offered with the CableMatic Plus program.  Reports can be sorted and content restricted in many ways.  These reports include:

  1. Cable Bill of Material
  2. Cable schedule with automatic revision control
  3. Conduit schedule with automatic revision control
  4. Raceway fill including cables contained
  5. Equipment including cables connected

An Excel Output is available for the Cable, Conduit and also Equipment. This output can be used by a contractor or owner of the facility.