TrayMatic - Automated Electrical Design


An underground duct bank system, routed conduit, and a 3d cable tray design created by GSN's electrical raceway design software TrayMatic                                             TrayMatic is utilized in plant design for trays, conduits, and concrete ductbanks.  This software offers an easy to learn, and easy to use, method to produce a 3D raceway design for automated cable routing.  The time required to design trays and route both above, and underground, conduits is drastically reduced using the automation tools provided with the software.  Review of the customer feedback suggests the underground concrete and ductbank design has proven to save over ninety percent of the effort required on most jobs. Below is a bulleted list showcasing the major functions.

  • Bill of Materials
  • Drawing generation automation tools
  • Automated tray tagging
  • Automated Conduit tagging
  • Automated Underground conduit cross sectioning
  • Interoperable with 3D plant design systems
  • Output for 3D clash detection; i.e. Microstation

      Click on one of the examples for a more in depth explanation about its process.

                 Tray Design                                   Duct Bank Design

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An animated, 3d representation of a cable tray design created using GSN's electrical raceway software      A small, animated representation of a duct bank being designed with GSN's duct bank software.Conduit


Click on the video below to play a demonstration of TrayMatic in action!!