LoadMatic - Automated Load Schedules, One-Line Diagrams, and Wiring Schematics

LoadMatic: Load Center Design

     LoadMatic is used to manage the load lists, develop the auxiliary bus network, and automate NEC lookups to automate Switch Gear and MCC schedules.  While these features can be provided with specific, company created Excel spreadsheet load tabulations; LoadMatic provides a method to quickly adjust load assignments as well.  This software is used in conjunction with CableMatic Plus for cable routing with features such as automated adjustment of wire sizes based on cable lengths.  LoadMatic will then take the data entered by the user and automatically create One-Line diagrams and Control Wiring Diagrams.  The output of the software has been designed to provide data for software that does short circuit and voltage drop analysis; i.e. ETAP.  LoadMatic was designed to simplify the process of obtaining data from outside sources (P & ID apps).




Take a look at the table below to see some examples of LoadMatic's deliverables. Clicking on an image will produce a larger view...

LoadMatic Deliverables
An electrical single line diagram produced by GSN's electrical design software.

An example of a One-Line Diagram produced by LoadMatic. These diagrams are created automatically, by the push of a button, based on the information entered into the program.

A control wiring diagram created automatically by GSN's electrical designer software.

An example of a wiring schematic output by LoadMatic. Like the One-Line Diagrams, these schematics are created automatically by referencing the information in the database.

A load list created by GSN's electrical one line diagram software and exported to Microsoft Excel.

A Microsoft Excel file populated dynamically by LoadMatic. This information is gathered by LoadMatic and sent to Excel.

A electrical panel schedule created using GSN's single line diagram software.

A panel schedule, created automatically, and placed into Microsoft Excel for customization.

     Still curious?  Take a look at the video demonstration below to get a better idea of the awesome capabilities of GSN's LoadMatic software...