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To delete all routes

Here's tip/trick. If you have cables routed and now you want the routes deleted, use the "Batch Routing" option in CableMatic and set the "Max Len Ratio" to some ridiculously small number. Batch routing begins by deleting any existing routes and then since the ratio is number is unrealistic, it will be unable to route. Since batch routing can be used on all cables or just a subset of cables, you can delete all routes or just routes for your select subset of cables. Letting CableMatic do the route deletion ensures that you don't have vestigial data hanging about somewhere.

     That's an interesting approach HC, we like to hear the different ways that the program is being used.  Another method to delete all, or some, of the cable routes is to use the 'ACRS_COMMITTED_VIAS' table.  From the CableMatic Plus Wintab interface, use DbQuery to import the cables whose routes are to be deleted.  Now simply highlight the records, right-click, and choose 'Database > Delete Selected Rows' from the option menu.  

    You will be given the option to delete the data from the database, then the option to 'Cut' the rows from the worksheet as well.  The reasoning behind this is so that just in case you weren't supposed to delete something and accidentally did anyway, if it's saved in the worksheet you can still just do an update to get the data back.  Remember, you can always save the information to the worksheet that you are currently working on by going to 'File > Save' in Wintab.  

Have Charlie come by with a magnetic

That comment makes me wonder whether or not you've went through that before Gary...  it may be time to talk to Charlie.

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