New Program Features

A list of added features:

DATE: 8/28/2013
CM+ ... Error Correction.  An old database failed to update.

DATE: 8/8/2013
TM ... Air Ways could not be added when the connecting points were very far from 0,0,0. 

DATE: 8/7/2013
CM+ ... Routing cables using TM could cause faulty error message "CABLE END NOT FOUND."

DATE: 7/31/2013
CM+ ... Error correction.  Restricted raceways in Cable Routing form would fail to work for conduits/drop outs that were in the middle of the route.
LM ... Added a dynamic search bar to the tree view.

DATE: 7/30/2013
TM ... Microsoft Error Correction causing Office application to close unexpectedly. GSN is proud to claim that they have uncovered an error that Microsoft has either not realized or does not know how to fix it or has determined that fixing it will not be profitable. It appears that the VB.Net compiler does not generate code that clears the clipboard upon command.  GSN has found a work around to avoid the Office closing.  Thank you for those of you who have reported the problem.

DATE: 7/29/2013
TM ... Error Correction.  There was a sorting problem in tray tagging and tray fitting bubbles.  The data was correct but the elevations may not have sorted properly.

DATE: 7/24/2013
TM ... Conduit Tag leader now use an ellipse for the arrow head block. The block is in GSN Programs and called GSNDIMLOOP.dwg. When placing conduit leaders manually, you should set the leader block name to GSNDIMLOOP.  You might need to insert that block first to define the block. Please note that if you have alread created arrow head leaders, you may need to adjust them because the tip of an arrow head is the normal pointer position. GSN will use the center of the ellipse as the position of the pointer.
TM ... AutoCAD blocks associated to Electrical Boxes may have attributes which will be populated.  
TM ... In support for instrumnet loation drawing, electrical box call out type leaders have been added.  These leaders are a straight line. If the box has a 2D block, it will display at the tail of the.leader  Add an invisible attribute called LEADER_OFFSET with the value that would cause the block to be placed to touch the leader tail. For example, if an instrument circle had a radius of 14.375 inches, make the default valut 14.375.  This functionis is released for Beta testing.

DATE: 7/11/2013
CM+ ... When importing ffrom LM, user is prompted for verification to delete equipment that has an X,Y,Z.
CM+ ... When Importing Company Library data, the Wintab_Schema_Custom table is copied, if present.

DATE: 6/28/2013
TM ... Error Correction ...  For Cool Tools, when a blank was in Equipment box, all cables on project were selected.

DATE: 6/25/2013
LM ... Added the ability to use the software with AutoCAD 2014.  
TM ... Added the ability to use the software with AutoCAD 2014.  

DATE: 6/17/2013
LM ... Error correction ... Cable_Size_LU may cause program stop if no cable size found.
LM ... Error correction ... A cable size resize caused the load not to appear in the Peanel schedule.

DATE: 6/7/2013
LM ... Error correction ... Alternate and Bus Tie Feeds cause program to stop. 
LM ... Error correction ... block names like NONE or NA may stop the generation of schematics.

DATE: 5/15/2013
CM+ ... When a conduit was not size locked, it was not checked for overfill while routing.  Now the check is based on the conduit's material type and maximum cond size set in project data. If no max size is set, the size use will be the largest conduit's diameter.

DATE: 5/13/2013
CM+ ... Error correction ... When CONSTR_AREA was changed for trays, TrayMatic data was not updated. Then during a synch, the CONSTR_AREA was lost.
CM+ ... Design report constraints now use the DbQuery form in order to provide "Smart Query" capabilty and more constraints.

DATE: 5/10/2013
LM ... The field CABLE_TYPE_SUFFIX has been added to the Load and Network tables. It is used for cable type selection and is useful to avoid changing the look up table’s cable types for different projects. If used, this suffix will be
appended, preceded with a ‘-‘ to the cable type selected in the look up table. It is required that the cable type, with the ‘-‘ and suffix, be included in the ACRS_CABLE_TYPE table.

DATE: 5/8/2013
TM ... Error Correction ... The help menu items were not active.

DATE: 5/7/2013
LM ... Error Correction ... The database fields for DWG_X and DWG_Y should have automatically changed to TEXT. It was formally numbers.

DATE: 5/3/2013
LM ... Changed field width of BUS+SPEC_CALCS to 90 in order to accomodate longer bus names.

DATE: 5/1/2013
TM ... Error Correction. On some grid forms, delete rows only deleted one row.
CM+ Builder ... Cable Changes Compared To Pevious Update shows the differeces in the cable route by surrounding the difference with an '&'.
CM+ and Builder ... Build Excel Reports will not overwrite a custom in your work sheets. The workbook name is CMP-Template-.xls.

DATE: 4/18/2013
TM ... When using the Retrieve/Remove form:
If a box that is retrieved has an entry for an AutoCAD 3D block, the block will be inserted unless the Exclude AutoCAD blocks is checked.
If box that is erased has and AutoCAD 3D block inserted, the block will be erased unless the Exclude AutoCAD blocks is checked.
A retrieval code ending with '_SF' is asumed to be used for 'non standard' tray fittings, supports and other tray parts. When an AutoCAD block is entered for the 3D block for a box, that block and it's description will appear in the tray BOM. You
can use commodity code mapping to assign a vendor and enter a description to override the one that you have set up in the ELEC_BLOCKS table.

DATE: 4/11/2013
TM ... Added area filter for trays and tail end for a filter on retrieval code.
LM ... Error Correction ... the location on a bus of the incomer was not be placed according to load cubicle number. The error caused the incomer to be placed on the left side of the bus.
LM ... In Project Set Up>Graphical Settings, we added Vertical Bus Spacing. Previously this defaulted to 12 inches.
LM ... In Project Set Up>Graphical Settings, we added spacing for Low Voltage and Medium Voltage MCCs in order to accommodate wide AutCAD blocks.
LM ... Functions added to store an remove bus positions. This is useful for saving your drawing layout.
LM ... The voltage drop calculation is no longer adjusted for contant load and result in a very small decrease in voltage drop. Refer to the LoadMatic Operating guide for more information.
LM ... The voltage drop calculation will now use the cable resistance when it is in steel conduit. Previously, aluminum conduits was used because that was slightly more conservative. Refer to the LoadMatic Operating guide for more information.

DATE: 4/2/2013
CM+ and Builder ... Error Correction ... A runtime error was encountered when running the 'Cable Progress by Start-up System' report... found by CB&I

DATE: 3/31/2013
LM ... Correction required for comma separated voltages.

DATE 3/22/2013
LM ... For Feeders LU Tables, a comma separated string of voltages can be used. The cable type will be selected using WIRES as follows:
For Cable/Wire = 'C', CABLE_TYPE_MULTI_ is used. Eg; for 3 wires CABLE_TYPE_MULTI_3. Similarrly for Cable/Wire = 'W', CABLE_TYPE_SINGLE_ is used. For compatibility when data sets do not use Wires, CABLE_TYPE_MULTI and CABLE_TYPE_SINGLE will be used as before.
LM ... In Project Data, an option to use the Main Breaker for Trip LU is added.

DATE: 3/21/2013
LM ... Error correction ... Same as above ... When TRIP_LU was locked, the voltage was not properly used to filter the LU table row.

DATE: 3/20/2013
CM+ ... In the cable report, cables numbers longer than 16 characters are printed on the first line and noting else will appear on that line. This avoids cable numbers wrapping to the second line.
CM+ ... An option to omit page numbers from design reports has been added. This offers the possibilty for our clients to set the own page numbers.

DATE: 3/19/2013


DATE: 3/14/2013

DATE: 3/7/2013

DATE: 3/5/2013

DATE: 3/3/2013

DATE: 2/21/2013

DATE: 2/16/2913
TM ... CoolTools can draw conduits using raceway list. See under More menu next to raceway list.
TM ... CoolTools Highlight raceways will now highlight the conduit circles in the exploded cross sections. 
TM ... CoolTools can send conduits using raceway list to Conduit Editing Form. See under More menu next to raceway list.
CM+ and TM ... Utilization code can hold 17 chars. It was previously 10.
CM+ ... The audit for raceway segregation errors ignores air ways.

DATE: 2/10/2013
CM+ Builder ... Bar Code scan forced to upper case due to some unknown problem that caused lower case to be decoded from bar code.

DATE: 02/07/2013
CM+ and CM+ Builder ... Status and Cost Reports for Tray did not handle trays that had separators and underscores at the same time correctly.

DATE: 02/06/2013
CM+ and CM+ Builder ... Status and Cost Reports for Tray did not handle underscores in the tray tags correctly.

DATE: 02/04/2013
CM+ ... When making an issue, the CM+ database will be compacted as the process finishes.
CM+ ... Tray and conduit installed tables were not protected from engineering update.

DATE: 01/31/2013
TM  ...  In Cool Tools Cable section, adding related equipment and boxes has option to only include conduits. This was added to assist in bulk pull planning.

DATE: 01/22/2013
TM  ... Disable interfering with UCS is checked on at start up.  When it was enabled (no check), the UCS command was causing AutoCAD to lose the current elevation that you may have entered. 

DATE: 01/19/2013
CM+ ... NEC Rules are displayed for 2011. Rules remain the same as 2008 except that paragraph numbers have changed.
CM+ ... Excel Export Rules have a function added "COPYTOEXCEL" which will display the created table in Excel. Please read the documentation for Export Rules in the GSN Programs directory.
CM+ ... Save Settings has been added to Tray and Conduit Reports.
TM  ... TML013.dll (for AutoCAD 2013) has been recompiled with MS Visual Basic 2010 Express.  This may alleviate problems experienced withe PDMS users who are using AutoCAD version 2013. 
LM  ... Warning added to avoid use of Bus names that have all digits. A Bus name must have at least one alpha character.

DATE: 01/04/2013
CM+ and LM ... Custom Wintab Schema may use same grid code that is in the CMP-Template.mdb. The custom schema format will replace the one in the template. 
IMPORTANT ... GSN reserves the right not to support a client's implementation of this feature nor will GSN necessarily support functionality or problems occurring from the use of this feature.
DATE: 12/20/2012
TM ... Fixed program abort when retrieving leaders.
LM ... Load table spreadsheet now displays PHASES instead of POLES.

DATE: 11/13/2012
LM ... CABLE_TYPE_MULTI and CABLE_TYPE_SINGLE is no longer used in the Look Up table portion, IMPEDANCE_INFO. If there is a cable resizing issue, the cable type will be searched from the look up for the feeder or load. The method is to use the cable type in the next higher amperage or HP value.  
LM ... The method to derive Poles From Phases and voltage has been modified. See the LoadMatic Operating Guide.

DATE: 11/4/2012
LM ... PHASES ARE BACK. POLES will be set using phases and voltage.
LM ... The LM-Template.xls file is changed. The SWGR and MCC work sheets now use POLES instead of PHASES. 
       ***** Please correct your LM-Template<proj number>.xls file. **********

DATE: 10/31/2012
LM ... For Network bus voltages than have two Voltages (like panels), the look up table Voltage must also have the same two voltages.

DATE: 10/30/2012
LM ... Changed the field named "PHASES" in the "LM_LOADS" and "LM_NETWORK" tables to "POLES"

DATE: 10/25/2012
LM ... Avoided program failure when data is missing for panels.

DATE: 10/19/2012
LM ... Fixed check for panel voltages.

DATE: 9/25/2012
LM ... Beta test for transfer switches, alternate feeds and bus ties.

DATE: 9/21/2012
CM+, CM+ Builder, DBView ... Added Preference (in Format menu) to change colors and line weight for spreadsheet grid.
DBView ... Grid is now run inside a parent form.  We needed to do this for Mouse Scrolling to work.
DBView ... Added Mouse Scroll.
DBView ... Added Refresh Selected Rows

DATE: 9/11/2012
TM ... Added a warning when a box is moved and it is connected to a conduit. The warning says: "Warning ... you moved one or more boxes away from the end of a conduit. To reflect changes properly, please set the conduits in modify mode and then refresh them.

DATE: 8/21/2012
TM ... Permitted the From and To to be copied for Tail End Conduits/Drop Outs.

DATE: 8/20/2012
TM ... Color picker form that is called by project data will now open on top of all other open forms.
TM ... Magic prefix buidler added back for SHAW.  See TM Tools menu.

DATE: 7/30/2012
TM ... Modified the method in which TrayMatic utilizes the client's clipboard in order to improve functionality of Remote Desktop Connection.

DATE: 7/26/2012
TM  ... Removed line feeds and carriage returns from Conduit Tag field on Tail End form Requested by ISI (Tom Cox).
CM+ ... Adjusted starting position of Dbquery form so that drop down arrows are not hidden. Requested by ISI (Tom Cox).

DATE: 7/26/2012

DATE: 7/23/2012
TM and LM ... Added support for AutoCAD 2013

DATE: 7/19/2012
Improved Installation ... Removed ComCT232.ocx. Replaced with MSCOMCTl.ocx which was already in use.
Improved Installation ... Removed ComCTL32.ocx. Replaced with MSCOMCT2.ocx which was already in use.

DATE: 7/14/2012
CM+ ... Equip REF_DWG, Racewa From/To Dwgs field width changed from 24 to 25 characters. 

DATE: 7/12/2012
TM ... Cable block leader is added. A default AutoCAD block, CABTAG_default_24.dwg, in the GSN Programs directory will be used if no other block is set. Use that default block to identify what attributes you require (eg: CAB_TAG). To set a block, the block name must begin with "CABTAG_".  Place your blocks in your blocks directory. To choose the block, navigate to Annotation settings and select the block you want.

DATE: 7/5/2012
TM: ... For duct bank generation, added abilty to specify width and height. Crust thickness spacing will take prcecedence if the width or height is too small.
TM: ... For duct bank generation, an option is added to make stub up bottoms flat.
TM: ... Added option in Project set up to turn off the the use of reducers.

DATE: 6/28/2012
TM: Avoid program stop in concrete volume report when shape has a volume of zero.

DATE: 6/27/2012
TM: Condition TM to ignore carriage returns and line feeds in box and conduit tags.

DATE: 6/15/2012
TM: Added Un-Hilight button to Cool Tools for convenience.
TM: Added search feature to equip tag selector when adding a TBOX.
CM ... Added search feature to selector list for Wintab Smart Drop Down (F3).

DATE: 5/29/2012
CM+ Added tool tips to DbQuery
CM+ Added mousewheel to committed and design vias form.
CM+ Added functionality to check and repair missing equipment objects and XYZ's during the synch function.
TM+ Updated to notify of a necessary synch process for conduit SERV_LVL change.
TM  Added AREA_CODE restriction filter for CREATEDWGS command line function.

DATE: 5/24/2012
CM+ BUILDER  ... Custom query report is sent directly to Excel.

DATE: 5/21/2012
CM+ ... Reminded user that when they add CALC for Hybrid Conduit, to use Advanced Tools > Calculate Length/Offset for Hybrid Conduits/Drop Outs.

DATE: 5/17/2012
TM: ... TM Favorites, Stretch and Pick Elev was not working.

DATE: 5/7/2012
MakeNewProject ... Added ability to choose between English and Metric units.

DATE: 4/30/2012
TM: ... Added highlight color change functionality to boxes for Windows 7 compatible version.

DATE: 4/23/2012
CM+ ... Added cost reports for cable, tray and conduit.  Cost codes can be input to the Cable Types and Raceway Catalog tables.  If the cost codes are not entered, the report will use the cable type or raceway catalog number.
CM+ Builder ... We have added Bar Codes for the RITS method.   The bar code will now appear on the RITS spreadsheet and can be scanned in the same manner as done for cable pull and termination tickets.  When scanned, CM+ Builder will open athe RITS spreadsheet matching the BarCode.  Feedback is then input to the RITS Excel spreadsheet. These RITS spreadsheets are saved in the project folder on the server in a subfolder named "RITS".

DATE: 4/11/2012
TM Windows 7 - We missed the change made on 2/4/2012 in the older software.
TM ... The "auto reducer" sensing function will not form a reducer if the distance between tray segs is greater than .1 inches. This was changed to accommodate splice plates in lieu of a reducer.

DATE: 4/6/2012
Wintab and DbView ... Spreadsheet for 64bit Pcs will have a grey background and grid lines slightly wider to reduce eye strain as a consequence of enhanced Windows 7 graphics.

DATE: 3/28/2012
Migration of software directory for Xp Pcs c:\Program Files\GSN Tech to c:\GSN Programs.

DATE: 3/21/2012
TM Windows 7 - Section Mark editing command moved to Cond Tagging on Tail End Tab.
TM Windows 7 - Check tray synchronization no longer crashes on second run.

DATE: 3/12/2012
RELEASE Support for Windows 7 64-bit AutoCAD

DATE: 2/22/2012

DATE: 2/14/2012

DATE: 2/13/2012
CM+ ... Wintab can now accept pasting from higher row to lower row (like Excel).

DATE: 2/4/2012
TM ... The "auto reducer" sensing function will not form a reducer if the distance between tray segs is greater than .1 inches. This was changed to accommodate splice plates in lieu of a reducer.

DATE: 1/19/2012
LM ... Field width for ERROR is 128.
CM+ Builder ... Corrected barcode reading.
CM+ Builder ... Add barcoding and reading for conduit installation tikets.

DATE: 12/29/2011
TM  ... When using the tray Slope function, an improved form is presented.
TM  ... When using the tray Stack function, an improved form is presented.
TM  ... The interface for Leaders has been improved. Functionality now includes the ability to place a leader and get an immediate call out.

DATE: 12/19/2011
CM+ Builder ... Barcode reading for cable pull and term card installed status has been added.  See project data to turn it on. We recommend that you use the GSN Barcoding method which centers the barcode on the ticket which makes it easier to scan the code.
TM  ... Added the ability to attach a 2D block to an electrical box which rotates in the Z axis only.  The 2D Rz angle is used to rotate this block. A 2D block must have the string "_2D" in the name. The 2D block may actually be a 3D block but we reccommend to use this 2D block as a 2D symbol for 2D drawing production. Pick from pallette is activated when you double click on the lable to the left of the combo boxes where you input the 2D or 3D block names.  The 2D dwg blocks and corresponding jpegs are to be placed in the same directory as the 3D blocks.  Please add the list of blocks to the Elec Blocks table so that the pick from pallette can be used.  In the event that the Elec Blocks table is empty, the combo boxes will display the blocks in the blocks directory.
TM  ... The TM Tools has an option to set a "2D Block Mode" which will draw the 2D blocks in lieu of the 3D blocks.

DATE: 12/15/2011
TM  ... Reset button added to Modeling form. When adding a large amount of duct banks, sometimes TM would stop, and the reason is unknown.  Use the Reset button occasionally to avoid this problem.  Also in the event that TM catches the problem before TM stops, TM wiil perform an Auto Reset.

DATE: 12/5/2011
TM  ... Added Ry and Rx angle for 3D rotation of AutoCAD blocks.  The help doc for AutoCAD blocks has been updated.
LM  ... A $FROM_ function is added for upstream network bus similar to $TO_ for the downstream bus.
CM+ ... Importing cables ffrom LM now includes CABLE_NUMBER_CONTROL and CABLE_NUMBER_HEATER.
CM+ ... Renaming now includes LM data CABLE_NUMBER_CONTROL (for cable), CABLE_NUMBER_CONTROL (for cable) and SOURCE (for equipment).

DATE: 12/2/2011
CM+ ... When making an issue, system resources may be exceeded if there are too many changes. Now corrected.

DATE: 10/18/2011
CM+ Builder ... Shaw's Dan River and Duke Buck projects will have the abilty to alter the Cable marker syntax. Info for this will be sent from GSN by e-mail.

DATE: 10/1/2011
CM+ and LM ... As a request from Richard Baumgartner (URS) .. Importing from LM .. the option to import Stack Number (derived from bus and cubicle number as ASSOC_FROM_TAG has been modified. The stack number is imported to the equipment data table, now the equipment will appear in TrayMatic for location or you may add the XYZ in CM+.

DATE: 9/21/2011
CM+ Builder ... Special for ISI to print Neutrals on Cable Report and Pull Ticket for control cable with W or WH colors or X2 in From/To Term Points as last two characters.

DATE: 9/12/2011
LM  ... As a request from Richard Baumgartner (URS) For drawing to AutoCAD, Cubicles for feeders and loads are sorted. The To Feeders use SOURCE_CUBICLE for sorting. The FromFeeder is drawn in the first spot and is not sorted.
CM+ and LM ... Importing from LM, new option to import Cubicles as a cable's SECTION_1.  If this feature is used, those companies that input the cubicle number in the EQUIP_FROM_TAG  may choose to change their work process. However, please be aware that SECTION_1 is printed in the routing field on the cable schedule. The good thing is that SECTION_1 is printed just under the equipment from on cable pull and term tickets.
CM+ and LM ... As a request from Richard Baumgartner (URS) .. Importing from LM .. new option to import Stack Number (derived from bus and cubicle number as ASSOC_FROM_TAG. When using this feature, please add a TBOX in TrayMatic to locate the stack.

DATE: 8/24/2011
CM+ ... On start up, the warning for database size will only warn when the CM+ database size exceeds 35mb (up from 20mb). 
CM+ ... The function to compare equipment ref dwg to conduit's plan dwg is now an option. Request from Eddie Hearne (Shaw).
CM+ ... Register project function will register an issued database.
CM+ ... Microsoft OS Problem Work Around. Due to an MS dll error, there may have been failures to use an issued database. 
CM+ Builder ... Added estimated lenghth to Tray RITS to provide some help for Shaw Tray Installation planning.
CM+ ... ERR- NO TR CONN was removed during synch. Problem reported bu Jeremy Crantek at Shaw.

DATE: 8/12/2011
CM+ BUILDER ... FOR E_J Electric, the function for Pull and Term tickets to display column references has been greatly improved .. many thanks to Chuck Chauvin at ISI for help in brainstorming a solution. Many thnaks also to Liviu Chivu at E-J to push for this significant addition.

DATE: 8/8/2011
CM+ ... For ISI. When synchronizing with TM, equipment sub_areas are poulated from the column grid provided.
CM+ BUILDER ... For E-J Electric. Point To Point drawing number (Ter Dwg 1 and 2) are shown on pull tickets.
CM+ BUILDER ... Pull and Term tickets will show equipments from/to Sub_Area as COl REF: (column Reference).
CM+ BUILDR  ... For E-J Electric. Wire labels no longer printed for 'JB' boxes.
CM+ ... Build Excel table has been modified per S Ballmer request.
CM+ ... Build Excel table command line switch added to run this function without interaction.  The command line is: -BET -<project Number>.  The user must have the project registered.

DATE: 7/28/2011
TM ... For ISI ... Removed the use of the ISI_AREA_ALIAS table becuse ABOX is used.
LM ... For Network feeders, the voltage of the source bus is used for Look Up data and Voltage Drop.

DATE: 7/27/2011
CM+ BUILDER ... FOR ISI and E-J Electric. Wire lables are per revised format and include lables for JB boxes.

DATE: 7/21/2011
CM+ ... During a synchronize with TM, an audit lists conduit from/to plan dwgs that do not match the ref dwg in the attached equipment.
TM  ... FILE_NAME (dwg number) is XREF Manager has been increased to 36 characters
CM+ ... For ISI ... Grounds and Nuetrals are now determined from Cable type table (Has Gound='Y' and DESIGN NOTE=HAS NEUTRAL)

DATE: 7/18/2011
CM+ and TM ... The electrical boxes ABOX and DBOX have been added in TrayMatic.  These boxes represent "AREA" volumes and "REF DWG" volumes respectively. The CM+ synchronize feature has the option to use these volumes stored in the TM Elec Box table to populate the AREA and REF_DWG fields in the ACRS_EQUIPMENT_DATA table.  During the synch process, a non blank REF_DWG for an equipment will automatically override the from and to plan dwg data for conduits/dropouts connecting to the equipment. Please add new prefix codes to support these new box types. We reccommend at least one prefix for each of the two box types.

DATE: 7/15/2011
CM+ ... Custom Wintab schema feature has been added. This feature should be used with caution if it updates any GSN tables. Rules are 1) Only the GSN administrator (proficient with MS Access) should implement this feature. 2) Used for Designer module only, 3) The Grid code must be an unused grid code in WINTAB_SCHEMA_DESIGN, 4) The table must have the same structure as WINTAB_SCHEMA_DESIGN, 5) The custom schema must be named WINTAB_SCHEMA_CUSTOM and 6) Please set your keys properly in any new table you add to the database and be careful not to permit null values in any keys.
IMPORTANT ... GSN reserves the right not to support a client's implementation of this feature nor will GSN necessarily support functionality or problems occurring from the use of this feature.
DATE: 7/11/2011
CM+ ... The Complete Synch function warns about a disagreement in data between CM+ and TM. For example, XYZ data could be different. Please note that CM+ is the owner of equipment and it's XYZ location. It is possible that improper operation could cause a discrepancy that could cause confusion when viewing TBOXes in TrayMatic. Now you can see thes problems with a complete synch.

DATE: 7/10/2011
TM  ... Style G Duct Bank cross section is added. That style lists the conduits vertically row by row. The conduits are expected to be spaced uniformly.
TM  ... The function that imports data from CM+ no longer deletes TBOXes if they are missing in CM+ or the XYZ is missing in CM+. Instead, warnings are listed.
CM+ ... The Complete Synch function warns about a disagreement in data between CM+ and TM. At this time, missing equipment and missing XYZ is reported.

DATE: 7/3/2011
CM+ ... For ISI. A custom database update function File>Custom Tools>Use table ISI_AREA_ALIAS to refresh Equipment Area and Cable Plant System Code has been added.

DATE: 6/29/2011
CM+ ... From/To Term Points for termination data has been increased from 18 chars to 23 characters and term tickets appropriately revised.
CM+ BUILDER ... A new option in Project Data will set the user preference to output From and To Term drawings on term tickets. This option is true by default. For ISI, is is not true by default because the From/To Plan dwg which is always printed will become the value of the From/To Term dwgs. 
CM+ Builder ... From/To Term Dwgs have been added to the Wintab cable worksheet.
CM+ Builder ... For ISI,SIEMENS/E-J Electric .. for pull tickets. When from/to plan dwg is not set, the value printed will become the from/to term dwg.

DATE: 6/15/2011
FOR ISI ... The amount of Grounds and Neutrals are printed on the cable schedule and pull ticket.
FOR SIEMENS/E-J Electric ... Work package is entered by the field and will not be overwritten by engineering.
CM+ ... Unused wires will display as SPARE on term tickets even if the wires are not in the terminations table.
TM ...  GsnTech.bat comes in three versions. GSNTech.bat for XP, GSNTechW7_Cdrive.bat for windows 7, c drive and GSNTechW7_Ddrive.bat for windows 7, D drive.  

DATE: 6/8/2011
CM+ BUilder ... The Punch List Trio is a new report engineering and installed status for related cable, equipment and raceway. Current quieries include start up system, work package and RITS_ID.
CM+ BUilder ... A Custom Query can be found on the Reports Tab. After testing your SQL within Access, paste it to the Custom Query form. You can save it with a name and recall it as needed.

DATE: 5/31/2011
CM+ ... The Start-up System Report was changed for accuracy.  Additional columns were added to reflect differences in design status as well.

DATE: 5/26/2011
CM+ ... Program was updated to allow for 35 character Raceway Tags when using an issued database. (ISI)

DATE: 5/23/2011
CM+ Builder ... BAR Code Font size changed to 14. Shaw Construction Action Item 2011-11.
CM+ Builder ... Expedite return of pull and term tickets. Use GF form. Shaw Construction Action Item 2011-12.
CM+ Builder ... Add ticket dates to Cable and Engineering Status. Shaw Construction Action Item 2011-13.
CM+ Builder ... Add termination rev columns to accomodate termination statusing. New form CM_TERM_CABLE_INSTALLED_STATUS work sheet added. Construction Action Item 2011-14.
CM+ Builder ... Cable Progress By Start Up revised. Construction Action Item 2011-04.

DATE: 5/18/2011
CM+ Builder ... Bar codes added for cable tickets. Shaw Construction Action Item 2011-11.
TM ... failed for conduits with too many vertices. One thrd more vertices are allowed. Problem may occur again and if so, TM needs a correcttion becaise Microstation has a problem with nmemory for macros.
CM+ ... When synching trays with TM and no match is found in the raceway catalog, the trays are deleted automatically. This no longer happenns. The trays remain with an error indicated in their catalog number and the problem is warned.

DATE: 5/11/2011
TM ...  For ISI only. Refresh conduits did not pick up the tray it connected when there was a service level incompatibilty. This remains the case except when the conduits/drop out service level is FR.
CM+ ... For ISI only. When synchronizing a tray with separators, drop outs and conduits with service level FR will create a conduit/drop out for each service level as long as there is compatibilty set in the ACRS_SERV_LEVELS table.  A max of two service levels will be handled.

DATE: 4/25/2011
CM+ ... The data field for number of cable jackets for cable types can now be up 999 cable jackets.

DATE: 4/20/2011
A new installation is available that will install the GSN S/W in the C:\GSN Programs directory.  This was done to avoid file access problems to the Program Files directory that Microsoft seams to think that they own for Windows 7 users. Either Windows 7 or XP users may use this install.  The GSN software will run on Windows 7-32 bit OS. We are working on an upgrade to the 64 bit Windows 7 OS. Bear in mind that local admin rights are still required for Windows 7 users because GSN requires registration of dlls that is controlled by our software. In the event that registration fails, TrayMatic and LoadMatic would fail to work properly or may stop.  A user with Admin priveleges will need to run GSNTECH.bat in order to register the dlls.

DATE: 4/19/2011
The following was released prior to 4/19 for clients other than SHAW:
CM+ ... For synchronizing with TM, a Synch Changes option is added. This option is actually a complete synch where only conduits that would require a Fast Synch or are connected to trays that change geometry. 
CM+ ... For Complete Synch or Synch changes, a copy of the TrayMatic database is copied to the local user directory and Tray, Box a Facilty Prefix TM tables are copied to the CableMatic database as before.  Now the Tail End raceway table will not be copied to the CableMatic Database in order to mimimize the growth of the CM+ database during this kind of synchronization. The data for the Tail End raceway table is now accessed from the local copy and will therefore save time. 
CM+ ... For complete synch with TM, ACRS_RACEWAY_DATA trays are no longer deleted before being updated and therefore eliminating potential loss of FROM/TO locations and Drawing reference numbers. 
CM+ ... When refreshing route length there are three options for processing offset connections: 1)No refresh, 2)Refresh cables marked by TM and 3) Refresh All.  The second option is very efficient because the conduit offset connection, if changed would occur mostly because a conduit was modified in TM or a tray that had connecting conduits had it's geometry changed. Use the third option if you want to be absolutely certain that conduit offset connections are current. The speed of of the function has also been improved significantly even if all cable offsets are refreshed.  Shaw action item #155.
CM+ ... The Advanced tool to restore raceway data form the archive database has been modified to simply restore FROM/TO location and plan drawing numbers from the archive.  GSN does not expect that this  tool is needed anymore since no raceway data is deleted during a synchronize. However, it might be used in the event raceway data is accidentally deleted or records were lost due to a data corruption. Shaw Action Item #148. 
CM+ ... IMPORTANT.. When synchronizing trays (complete or synch changes), most errors will merely cause a warning and the offending tray's retrieval code will not be imported. The remainder of the retrieval codes will be imported.
CM+ ... During synching with TM, any conduit that is synchronized that has a lost connection on the from or to side is reported.

DATE: 4/18/2011
CM+ Builder ... For Shaw Power .. Import STAR, fixed imbedded blank problem.
CM+ Builder ... For Shaw Power .. Discrepancy report for Terminations does not report a discrpeancy due to a possible change in section numbers for cables have term cards printed prior to 1/15/2011. Previously this date was 11/30/2011. More study will be persued on this subject in the near future.

DATE: 4/11/2011
CM+ Builder ... Audit to compare datbases for changes did not work if there was a blank key.

DATE: 4/7/2011
CM+ Builder ... The restriction of 1000 items is removed in the Dbquery list. When you have more than about 2500 tags to import or you get a message that the System Resources are exceeded, please use the function to import in the Dbquery order. 

DATE: 3/28/2011 
LM  ... Equipment description in the LM_LOADS is now 120 characters. When imported to CM+, the length will be truncated to 56 characters and the "~" which is the line separator will be changed to a blank character.  You can change the value in CM+ and that value will hold.
MakeNewProject ... the projuct number 'TEMPLATE' is not permitted.
CM+ Builder ... In Tools and Audits, a function to compare construction databases is added. This will compare the open database with a selected database for the tables for cables, trays, conduits and cable reels. For those projects that suspect losses of data during synchronizing with the engineering database we recommend that the function be run in the morning before data has been changed (compare to the database saved the night before).  That morning run should have no changes.  At the end of the day, for those projects where there is suspicion that unauthorized changes are made or that mistakes could occur, we recommend that the function be run at the day's end (compare to the database saved the night before).  That end of day run will show changes made.
LM ... The LM-Etap-Template.xls is replaced. There was old data in the Motor work sheet that needed to be deleted. Please replace your Etap templates in your project directory.

DATE: 3/24/2011
CM+ Builder ... A START_UP_SYSTEM_QUERY has been added to Wintab.  Per request, a quick button has also been added to the Builder's Data Tab directing the user to the custom report.  This is related to a Shaw Action Item #160.

DATE: 3/21/2011
CM+ Builder ... A START_UP_SYSTEM_QUERY has been added to Wintab.

DATE: 3/6/2011
TM  ... Removed Set Dwg Scale. It was redundant.
TM  ... Combined two clicks into one click when saving trays to database.
TM  ... Combined two clicks into one click when generating leaders.
TM  ... Combined two clicks into one click when auto assigning tray tags.

DATE: 3/4/2011
LM  ... Export to ETAP is added.

DATE: 2/20/2011
CM+ Builder ... Special update for Shaw.  The checksum for trays is now the raceway catalog number. Shaw will be responsible to clean up the database.
CM+ ... When routing cable, the Route Thru Equipment option has always considered an equipment to be a Tag that was in the equipment table or value on the From or To side of a cable. This continues to be the same except for one client "ISI" that wishes to only consider a Tag that is in the equipment table.
LM  ... Composite cable type is supported for conduit sizing.  Beware .. Composite cable types have not been completely tested. Please call of information.
CM+ and LM ... In the past, when a cable type has an external ground conductor and the cable area override is not entered, the cable area was calculated using the diameter and number of cable jackets. Now the ground conductor area will be added assuming the ground cable area is the same as one cable jacket. This is done to be conservative. To get the correct calculation, please enter the overall cable area of the cable group including the ground conductor. Entering this extra value has always been our policy but some users have left that value blank.

DATE: 2/9/2011
CM+ Builder ... Added From and To Section for DbQuery filters. Shaw Action Item #159 (maybe #160).
LM  ... Inserting rows into the Excel load shedule is added. Please adjust your LM-Template-<proj number>.xls file to havehave one or more blank rows after the formula rows. Refer to the revised LM-Template.xls file in the GSN program directory.
LM  ... It is no longer necessary to close Excel (like "close the LoadMatic workbook") before regenerating the load schedule.
LM  ... When making a new project, the LM-Template.xls is copied to the project directory as LM-Template-<proj number>.xls.

DATE: 1/31/2011
LM ... V/D for cable has been corrected and new new audit is available to check the V/D calc.

DATE: 1/21/2011
CM+ ... In project set up, the "max auto size for conduit" had previously required that conduit catalog numbers should begin with the conduit size (eg:1-1/2" RGS). Some users may need to use catalog numbers that their clients specify like 'CP02' meaning a 2 inch plastic conduit. In that event, the max auto size function would not operate as one would expect. CM+ now will use the max size specified (eg: 2-1/2",3in, etc) and compare that nominal size (2.5) with the inside diameters of the conduits in the raceway catalog.
TM ...  Default bend radius for conduits is now 6 times the diam and had been 4.
CM+ Desinger and Builder ... A cable's route note (NOTE_1), if changed will be displayed in the report "Cable Changes Compared to Prev Update."
TM ... Added option to disable "interfering with UCS setting." By checking ths On, the UCS will not be meddled with so that you can perform some tricks with annotations.  The normal state is not checked because adding tray requires a UCS of world.
CM+ ... The CMP-Template.mdb have been changed to provide a better example of data.
LM  ... Importing Company Library data includes LM_LU_INFO table.
LM  ... Errors and cable resizing is displayed when refreshing (if Displaye Refresh errors is checked on).
CM+/LM ... When CM+ imports equipment and cables from LM, only non blank data fields will update CM+.
TM ... For Shaw Power only: In Modeling form, Pieces is defaulted as an option. Shaw action item #147.
TM ... When retrieving components, if a tray retrieval code is in your active doc, you may choose to ignore that code and continue.  Shaw action item #132.
TM ... Function added in Tools to Get Conduit Fill.  Shaw action item #130.

DATE: 1/15/2011
CM+ ... Composite cable type has been added (do not use until tested by one of our clients).  To use it, a cable type code beginning with CCT can be added. For a composite cable type, enter description, permissibale segregation codes, chart name and a list of cable types separated by commas.  Set number of cable jackets to '1'. Set number of conductors to the sum of all wires in all cables including grounds. Set Ground Conductor 'N'. CM+ will determine tray and conduit fill based upon the different cable types. The cable Diameter and conductor size is irrelevant. BOM report will not show the composite types, instead the number of cables and length will be added to each regular cable type. 
CM+ ... Cable bill of material may be incorrect when reporting by work package. This is fixed in this release.

DATE: 1/3/2011 
CM+ ... Cable material report now contains the option to omit manufacturer data.

DATE: 1/3/2011
CM+ ... Wintab has been improved to export many records to the report grid. This was actually included in the 12/30/2010 release.
CM+ ... Speacial feature for ISI added to accomodate very unusual conduit tagging.  Planned for one time only Siemans project.
CM+ ... Cable material report now contains Manufacturer and Manuf Part Number.

DATE: 12/28/2010
CM+ ... Cable data view and single cable routing form not fits on screens for the new wide screen laptops and low res projectors.  Previously there was a problem with vertical resolutions smaller than 900. Older projectors and now most laptops have vertical resolutions like 768. It seams to us that the higher resolutions are mostly avalable in 17.3" or larger laptops. 

DATE: 12/21/2010
CM+ ... When Fast Synching with TM, air ways that were added or changed may not get the From/To set and so users were probably performing a Complete Synch.
CM+ Builder ... Relating to Shaw Dominion Item #1, a correction was made to fix a warning about footage markers not in range.
CM+ Builder ... Relating to Shaw Dominion Item #1, the audit for footage markers was enhanced.
CM+ Builder ... Relating to Shaw Dominion Item #1, the parenthesis for trim footage is supported in the Term From/To input form.
DATE: 12/9/2010
CM+ Builder ... Relating to Shaw Dominion Item #1, we have added an audit to check data for cable pull and term footage markers as it relates to the calculation of cable wasteage. See the Tools and Audits Tab.

DATE: 12/5/2010
CM+ Builder ... Relating to 11/25/2010 Shaw Dominion Item #2 (The Design Revision Impacting Installation for Terminations). We have found another way to deal with the problem of initializing checksums. This update will not include a method of initializing the check sums as previously planned. Instead, if the termination checksum is found to be different and where the ticket was printed prior to Nov 30, 2010, the program will exclude the SECTION_1 or SECTION_2 as part of the checksum. This method will minimize the number of discrepancies with the trade off of having a minor impact of not considering the From or To Section. As of Nov 30, the check sums were being calculated properly and so for the future, the program will be reporting what changed. In addition, we added the ticket printed date.

DATE: 12/3/2010
LM  ... DESCR not populating.

DATE: 11/25/2010
CM+ Builder ... Cable from/to footage markers are supported for the pull ticket as an alternative to the Cut Ckt Len.  Either method is supported on the pull ticket and data entry. Shaw Dominion Item #1.

CM+ Builder ... Cable from/to trim footage markers are supported for the term ticket to account for cable wasteage. The cable Progress By Date report displays the results for wasteage. Shaw Dominion Item #1.

CM+ Builder ... The Delete function in the Pull Ticket input form has been disabled for Shaw so data is not accidentally deleted.  Corrections for pull data must be done in the worksheet or database. Shaw Dominion Item #3.

CM+ Builder ... The cable pull and termination discrepancy reports now show the from and to side errors on separate rows. GSN added a column to indicated what changed. Shaw Dominion item #5.

DATE: 11/20/2010
TM  ... Added options to omit air ways and nodes when retrieving TM components. The options are also avaialble in CREATEDWGS ... see TrayMatic Operating Guide.  Shaw action items #148 and #149.
CM+ ... Added Parent Equipment in Equipment Table. Shaw Dominion Item #4.
CM+ ... Added Restrict by equip in Conduit reports.  Also added sort option BY FROM/TO LOCATION. Shaw Dominion Item #4.
CM+ ... Added sort option BY FROM/TO EQUIP TAG in Cable Report. Shaw Dominion Item #4.
CM+ ... Improved speed of Cable Report and Pull Ticket printing.

DATE: 11/11/2010
CM+ ... Added Retore IFC data from Archive. Shaw action item #143.

DATE: 11/7/2010
CM+ and TM ... CM+ Communicator will end TM also so that CM+ and TM are closed by TM users.
CM+ ... For Batch Route, option to report Locked cables is normally off.
CM+ ... A feature for single cable routing has been added to avoid refreshing the Fast Routing Matrix if not required. This will save a lot of time for large projects with many raceways. Please report any problems.
CM+ ... Added activity log for each employee. A new file is created every day the employee uses CM+.
CM+ ... For raceway schedules, Design Status is displayed for Shaw even if the check box to omit it is checked.

DATE: 11/6/2010
CM+ BUILDER ... RITS spreadsheet is saved automatically. 
CM+ BUILDER ... RITS spreadsheet displays "SEE DWG" for FROM/TO Location
TM  ... Updated Electrical Boxes for Lighting BOM and to support the electrical lighting application. The Lighting application will require licensing the LoadMatic application. The goal will be to generate Lighting Layout, Details, BOM and panel schedules. Panel loads will update LoadMatic load schedules which automate breaker sizing and one lines. Specific changes for this update include: Erase AutoCAD blocks, separate Bock and Details database tables, smart assigment of connection detail based upon block selected. Box BOM now reports the count for Coomodities, Details and blocks.
CM+ ... Added Parent Equipment Tag to Equipment table.

DATE: 10/29/2010
CM+ ... Single Cable Data form changed to accomodate lower vertical resolution.
CM+ ... Warning added when renaming TRAY. Trays with separators require renaming for the tray and all it's separator names. The same is true for underscore trays.
LM  ... SWITCH_SIZE_LU added for motor loads. If you want to use this, please add the column SWITCH_SIZE column to your look up table.
LM  ... Description may have up to 4 lines. DESCR_1, DESCR_2, DESCR_3. You can change the max characters per line to what you want (see Project Set UP>Settings). The default is 28.
LM  ... Treeview is resized as form is resized.
CM+ ... Added database size alarm. 

DATE: 10/27/2010
CM+ ... When Batch Routing, an integer overflow occurred when there were over 16000 conduit/drop outs connecting trays. Raceway indices were changed form short to long integers.
DATE: 10/25/2010
CM+ Builder ... A '#' is required as the first character in the project number.
CM+ Builder ... The TrayMatic database will be TMBuild-<proj number>.mdb or TMField-<proj Number>.mdb (for Live database).  Note that the '#' as the first letter in project ID will cause TrayMatic to use the field's TrayMatic database.
CM+ Builder ... Work package, when changed will be sent to the field's TrayMatic database. This provides immediate access to this data in TrayMatic. In the past, the nightly synch took care of this. 

DATE: 10/10/2010
LM  ... The primary of a transformer would only be required if there is more than one secondary.  When only using the secondary, input both voltages (eg:13800V/480v) so that the current load will be calculated on the primary voltage.  
LM  ... SWITCH_SIZE_LU for motor is added. Per request from Louis Bahor.
CM+ Builder ... Removed Return pull and term ticket buttons. They were redundant.
CM+ Builder ... Changed caption for REPORT CABLE STATUS QUERY.
CM+ Builder ... Added shorcut buttons in spreadsheets.
CM+ Builder ... Work Pkg for Livedatabase is to be input from ACRS table from equipment, cables and raceways.
CM+ Builder ... Tray tickets removed. RITS (Raceway Installation Tracking System) using Excel output is implemented for trays and conduit. There is no loger a need to dela wit tray separators and underscore.  Howwever, work package should be entered for all trays in ACRS_RACEWAY_DATA irregardless of separator or underscore.
CM+ A new installation is required to use RITS.

DATE: 10/3/2010
TM  ...  TrayMatic operating guide correction in section 19.1. Shaw action item #140
TM  ...  Added command line option to CreateDwgs to Omit Ruled lines for shapes. Example Command Line: “C:\Program Files\GSN Tech\TrayMatic2007.exe” –CreateDwgs Z:\ABC Project\MyScriptFile.txt -OmitRuledLines.  Shaw action item #141
TM  ...  Added command line option to CreateDwgs to SaveAs 2000, 20004 or 2007 dwg format. Example Command Line: “C:\Program Files\GSN Tech\TrayMatic2007.exe” –CreateDwgs Z:\ABC Project\MyScriptFile.txt -OmitRuledLines -SaveAs 2004. Shaw action item #144

DBView ... Added command line option $FIELD_CHANGE_WARNING. This will perform advanced checking for overwriting data entered by others in a multi-user environment. Data is checked at the cellular level and unless you change data in a cell, the corresponding database data field will only be changed if you authorize it.
CM+ ... Tray material take off report now shows project commodity code, vendor and vendor cat number.
CM+ ... We are now recommending that raceway tray types include the material in lieu of the letter 'H'.  Please see examples in the CMP-TEMPLATE.mdb database.  Previous methods still work. This method allows different materials to be used for those projects that have may have more than one material for trays.

CM+ ... The Pull Point Prefix list in project data accomodates an '*':
example 1: MH,HH,PB,JB,STUB
example 2: *MH,*HH,*PB,*JB,STUB
In the case of STUB, that word may appear anywhere in the name.
When an '*' occurs in the first character, the node may have the prefix anywhere in the node name.
Shaw action item #145

CM+ Builder ... The Cable Tickets for GF's includes the Foreman for accountabilty. 

DATE: 9/8/2010
CM+ Builder ... When reporting cables, the choice to get a list of associated raceways is enabled. When choosing Yes, the clipboard is populated with Trays and Conduits. When unchecked, only conduits are included. Shaw action item #139.
CM+ Builder ... Added CAB_USER6 to Builder's application. Shaw renames this to BACKFEED. Shaw action item #142.

DATE: 9/2/2010
LM  ... Properties form From/To Feeder block drop downs use the values set in the Project_Data PULL_DOWN_VALUE list.
LM  ... Refer to the Project_Data table in CMP-Template.mdb for exmaples how to set pull downs. We have added an example for Load and Network blocks.  

DATE: 9/1/2010 .. CM+ Designer and Builder ... The save query in the DBQuery form is now saved in a file (QueryList-<project number>.txt) in the project directory and is available to everyone logged into the project. Shaw Action item #133.

DATE: 8/31/2010
CM+ ... Employee ID log increased to 25 characters

DATE: 8/29/2010
TM  ... When logging in, if the first letter of the project id is "#", and CM+ data is referenced, the database names beginning with CMPField, CMPBuild and CMP will be referenced in that order.
CM+ ... Hitch Hiker report in Designer's application has same options as in Builder's application.

DATE: 8/28/2010
TM  ... Fixed Bend radius for conduits in Metric project.

DATE: 8/24/2010
TM  ... Added X, Y and Z offsets to Dgn Export function. Set these values in TM Project Data. 

DATE: 8/18/2010
TM  ... Conduit editing for raceway size now permits COND RGS, COND PVC, etc.
TM  ... Tray elevation annotation will follow acuracy setting.

DATE: 8/13/2010
CM+ ... Added Save Settings to Cable Bill Pf Material Reports
LM  ... Added From and To Feeder block data for Network Properties form.

DATE: 8/6/2010
TM  ... Added AUTOCREATE function to export a dgn file in batch mode for nightly snapshots. See TrayMatic operating guide for details.
CM+ ... A new program MakeNewProject.exe is now used to make a new project or register/un register an existing one. This program can be launched from CM+.
DBView ... Now handles 30 fields to keep up with CM+ Wintab. Also this tool will support LoadMatic and TrayMatic without using CM+.

DATE: 7/20/2010
CM+ ... Added EXCLUDE_FOR_DGN_EXPORT to raceway catalog table to exclude conduits for the dgn export.
TM  ... Added option to excluse drop outs, unsized (eg: locked and COND RGS) and unlocked conduits for the dgn export.

DATE: 7/9/2010
TM ... The Retrieval Code form has a Multi Select capability for selection sets. 
CM+ ... CM+ will send the raceway size lock to TM ... no matter what it is.
TM  ... Size_Lock = "B" will be accepted in conduit editing.
TM  ... Minor correction.. Conduit editing form will not stop the update when an unspecified size is encountered. The unspecified size will not be sent to CM+.

DATE: 7/6/2010
CM+ ... Regen Fill/resize is now extremely fast (20 to 30 times faster). This is significant for large projects.
CM+ ... Regen Fill/Resize for raceways in clipboard has been added in Auits/Calcs/tools. Shaw action item #129.
LM  ... For creating one lines and dealing with a transformer feeder. To Feeder blocks may contain an attribute that begins with $TO_ and follow with a LM network field name. This is used for transformer feeders to display the bus being fed.
LM  ... It was determined that it is not required to use the primary of a transformer .. especially when the transfomer has a single secondary.

DATE: 6/29/2010
CM+ ... When complete or fast synchronzing with TM, ACRS_EQUIPMENT_DATA TM_RETRIEVAL_CODE is updated with the current value (FACILTY_PREFIX_CODE) in TM.

DATE: 6/25/2010
CM+ Designer and Builder ... Work package has been added as a Pull down with descrptions for work package. For Live Databases or for the Builder's application, the pull down data will be selected from table CM_WORK_PKG. For non live databases, the pull down data for the engineering application will be selected from the ACRS_WORK_PKG table.

DATE: 6/21/2010
LM ...  Added Panels and output to load schedule worksheet. A PANEL1 and PANEL3 work sheet is required in th etemplate excel file. The sample xls templates have been revised in the update.
LM ...  Enabled draw selected bus
LM ...  Enabled update load schedule for selected bus.
LM ...  Added Schematics ... for Control Wiring Diagrams

DATE: 6/9/2010
CM+ ... Added Clear List button to DbQuery form.
CM+ Designer and Builder ... Added ability to save queries in DBQuery form.

DATE: 5/27/2010
CM+ ... An option to Regen/Resize is available when a complete synchronize is done. Using the option, when the synch is complted, CM+ is restarted and the regen/resize is performed. Shaw action item #120.

DATE: 5/25/2010
CM+ ... When a cable termination design status reaches IFC, cable terminations are are archived. Shaw action item #126.
CM+ ... Wintab work sheets ... The window state (maximized, positioned/sized) of each work sheet is saved when the worksheet is "Saved."  When recalling the work sheet (with the same tbl file), the "saved" worksheet window state is used.  This is a convenience to help organize your desktop.

DATE: 5/21/2010
CM+ ... MSCAL.OCX no longer used for calendar. 

DATE: 5/19/2010
CM+ ... Option in Cable Schedule to include estimated length. Shaw action item #110.

DATE: 5/14/2010
CM+ ... Enhanced Wintab Shortcut buttons
CM+ ... When IFC checking is enabled, Cable wire termination data will be locked when TERM_DESIGN_STATUS = IFC.

DATE: 5/10/2010
CM+ ... Added a Tray BOM take-off report that includes fittings. When required, CM+ will run TrayMatic to create a table in the TrayMatic database called TM_TRAY_TAKEOFF.  The report offers DbQuery as a filter. Shaw action item #108.
CM+ ... Data logging has been added to the cable and termination jumber form. All data that can be changed is logged with the exception of wiring data. When that data changes, one data log record is written with the cable number and 'WIRES' used as the Var Name. Shaw action items #124 & #125.
CM+ ... A warning will be displayed if the CM+ database exceeds 20mb and has not been compacted using the GSN technique in more than 7 calendar days.
CM+ ... A warning will be displayed if the CM+ archive database exceeds 25,000 records. Recommendations will be listed. Shaw action item #127.
CM+ ... Added constraint FROM and TO Term Drawiang number to cable report. Shaw action item #123.

DATE: 4/30/2010
TM ...  All grid dialog forms respond to the mouse wheel.
TM ...  BIG NEWS ... Cool Tools has a new function to support analyzing raceway connectivity.  The tool can be found in the Cool Tabs under the raceway section and under the More button.
TM ... Added a pallette to select an AutoCAD block to attach to an electrical box.

DATE: 4/26/2010
CM+ ... For the cable report,the FROM/TO Plan drawings will be inherited from the matching FROM/TO equipment Ref Dwg if data is not retrieved from a raceway in the route. 

DATE: 4/25/2010
TM ...  Conduit Annotations now include options for XY coordinates and elevation. (Shaw action item #103)
CM+ ... Sometimes we get lucky and as a consequence of Teri's problem, we found a way to improve the speed of complete synchronization.
TM  ... BIG NEWS .. AutoCAD blocks can be added to any electrical box (TBOX, JBOX, MHOLE). Support is provided to display them on the active drawing. More is planned as a consequence of this new feature that includes drawing generation and material take-off. In addition, our plan is to lay a course to expand the placement of smart lighting objects to provide automation tools for lighting design including the automation of panel schedules. 

DATE: 4/9/2010
CM+ ... When a cable is deleted from the single cable data form, termination data is also deleted. (Shaw action item #122).
TM  ... Added selection set support in the Retrieve Erase Components form. This work similar to the method used in the Drawing Xrefs form. (Shaw action item #119).

DATE: 4/6/2010
CM+ ... During a Complete or Fast Synch, From/To Location data is refreshed for Conduits if it is blank or the location has not been entered manually. The function repects IFC conduit locking. (Shaw Action Item #121)
CM+ ... Added new function in Audits, Calcs and Tools (Synchronize Cnduits in Cliboard) which will Fast Synch, Regen/Resize and Refresh From/To Drawing of conduits that are in the windows clipboard. As a consequence of the Fast Synch, From/To Location is also refreshed.   (Shaw Action Items 109 and 121) 
CM+ ... The from drawing number for conduits/dropouts are now obtained from the from drawing number of the connecting tray when a fast or complete synch is done or a raceway report is made. The process to update plan dwg numbers previously included equipmemt. The new process uses the equipment first and then the trays. BEWARE that once a dwg number is set, it will not be overwritten even of the dwg number of the equipment or tray is changed. Therefore, if you change dwg numbers, you should probably perform a find and replace in both equipment and raceway data tables. (Shaw Action Item 111)
TM ... For Tray Fitting annotation, an option has been added to only show separator commodity bubbles on tray straights.
CM+ ... Help has been added to the Help Menu for "Discrepancy for IFC'd items between the Design and the Archive database".  This function is in teh Audits Calcs and Tools form and responds to a client's request to identify differences between released cables and conduits and what is currently in the design database. (Shaw Action item #101).

DATE: 4/1/2010
CM+ ... Option Exclude Conduits in a clipboard and Exclude Above Ground Conduits added to the Bulk Pulling in Conduits report (hitchhiker report)
TM ... The Tools menu has a changed appearence. New function added for Raceway status Rendering: Highlight Installed Raceways, Highlight Uninstalled Raceways, Hide Installed Raceways, Hide Uninstalled Raceways, Unhide All. The install status will be read from the field database, if exists, and from CM designer database otherwise. 
TM ... Highland un-hilighting speed has been greatly improved. In addition, tray fittings have been added.
CM+ Builder ... Outstanding cable installation tickets report heading changed "# DAYS OVERDUE" to "# DAYS OUT"

DATE: 3/19/2010
LM/CM+  ... Reanaming table now implemented for LM_NETWORK and LM_LOADS EQUIP_TAG
LM/TM   ... Source or equipment is not overwritten. TM will record 'TM' is source only when it creates the TBOX.
LM ... Excel output will list the work sheets from left to right in the order of the network tree.
TM ... For equipment annotation, when the description is on a separate line and the leader points to the right, the description will be right justified.
TM ... For Equipment annotations , coordinates may be optionally added. The coordinates displayed will be the coordinates that are recorded in CM+ and not where the leader arrow points to.

DATE: 3/18/2010 
CM+ ... In the event that a conduit connects a barrier tray and the conduit's service level did not match any service levels of the tray, CM+ did not have the capability (during a synchronize) to select the appropriate service level. Now CM+ is smarter in that it can use the comapatible segregation codes for matching the service levels. (3/16)
TM  ... Added Electrical Box editing tool which works similar to trays and conduits editing tool.
TM  ... Added commodities for barriers in vertical and horizontal tray elbows when annotating tray fittings.  
TM  ... Added a "Reverse" property to section marks which will reverse the columns in the section cuts. This will apply to section styles D1, E1 and F1.

DATE: 3/5/2010
CM+ ... Added Excel Export function for Builder. Please refer to Excel Export in the help menu for operation instructions.
CM+ ... For the GSN NEC Rules 392-9a1 and 10a4 alternative verbage for SINGLE LAYER for SHAW will be SINGLE LAYER TOUCHING.

DATE: 3/3/2010
CM+ ... Added cost codes for cable length, cable terms and conduit length. (2/26)
TM  ... Added coordinate formatting options for Duct Bank center line leaders. (2/26)
CM+ ... Added Equip work sheet shortcut in Wintab. (2/26)
TM  ... Added BOM for barriers for horizontal and horizontal elbows. In addition, the BOM will describe the rail height and material spec.

DATE: 2/22/2010
1. CM+ ... For complete synch, added a warning if raceways in CM+ had retrieval codes not defined in TM. This problem could cause incorrect routes. It would also cause incorrect raceway BOM.  These raceways would act similar to "Hybrid raceways which are not in TM but in CM+. (2/18)
2. CM+ ... The cliboard memory functionlity was changed slightly and may avoid errors such as CANNOT OPEN CLIPBOARD. This was added on the 2/17 release.
4. CM+ ... Cable Purpose has been added to the Basic Cable Data work sheet. (2/22)
5. CM+ Builder ... The Builder's guide has been updated.

DATE: 2/17/2010
CM+ Builder ...  Drop down for tray and conduit tags on recordinding installation status now works like cable meaning arrow and page up/down keys work. (2/15)
CM+ ... A raceway may be blocked from automatic routing by setting the Size Lock to 'B'. When the size lock is 'B', the raceway is also assumed to be size locked. You can only use CM+ to set the size lock to 'B'

DATE 1/29/2010
CM+ ... Added Audit to report differences of IFC'd cables and conduits between the design and archive databases.
CM+ ... Style B termination reports now include the reference drawing.

DATE: 1/22/2010
TM ... Equipment tagging now includes three options for description - None, On same line as tag, on separate line. Associated eqipment if recorded for the equipment is placed below as before.
CM+ ... The New, revised and deleted conduits and trays reports has been reformatted to account for 19 character tags.

CM+ ... The tray and conduit status reports are now released.
CM+ and TM ... Work Packaging for trays, conduits and equipment have been released. Whereas work packaging for cables have already been released, when testing is performed, please include testing for cables.  The work packaging includes:
 - Work package fields are increased to 25 characters 
 - Equipment, tray, conduit and cable schedules have been modified
 - Cable, tray and conduit installation tickets have been modified
 - For Live Database projects, work package may be only modified in the field ... neither CM+ Designer or TrayMatic can change the values. 
 - For Live Database projects, when engineering synchronizes with the field data, the work package data from the installed status tables are copied to the engineering cable, equipment and raceway tables in CM+ and TM.

DATE: 1/13/2010
CM+ ... The Tray Bill of Material can now count all trays whether they have barriers or not.
CM+ ... The Status/Summary reports for Trays and Conduits have been disabled because they have to be verified for acuracy.
TM  ... We have added the ability to specify diffeent cover types for covered trays.
        The bill of material will count each cover type.
        The leader/annotations for for fittings will call out the cover types.
TM  ... Cover bubble has been added to the tray tag if commodities are being reported and count covers is active.
TM  ... Tray fitting bubbles for stacked trays may be displayed horizontally (as before) or in separate lines in order of descending elevation.

DATE: 1/10/2010
LM  ... This is for LoadMatic authorized users only 
Added MCP_CONT_AMPS_LU to the LM_LOADS table.  The LM_LU_INFO table for MOTOR_INFO_LV has the MCP_DELAYED_TRIP_SETTING removed. That data was never active. A new variable MCP_CONT_AMPS supports the new MCP_CONT_AMPS_LU value. Currently we do not have any data entered for the MCP_CONT_AMPS.  If you want, you can modify your LM_LU_INFO table to include the new variable and enter data.

DATE: 1/6/2010
CM+ ... When a Rt Len Ovveride is input in a cable spreasdsheet or the single data form, rgh cable's route len is immediately updated. This avoids the requirement of using the Refresh Cable Length in the Ausits/Calcs/Tools form. Be aware that Refresh Cable Length should still be used to calculate lenghts that may change because of changes for raceways or where the Override Route Len has a '/' which denotes a from/to side length override.

DATE: 1/4/2010
This update includes a new method to update conduit data between CM+ and TM.  The program will now permit you to set a raceway size lock and size to be changed in CM+ and the data wil be written to TM.  This functioality still respects the IFC/IFR or the raceway.
CM+ ... Changes in Conduit data that is common in TrayMatic will be written to TrayMatic. 
CM+ ... When updating data with the spreadheet and there is a data failure due to a protected var name, the snap shot of the spreadsheet will be cleared so that a second attempt to save data will not compare data.  This is particulary useful when IFC statuses are being used to lock data.
TM  ... Changes made in the editing form that are common to CM+ will be written to CM+. The exception is that an unspecified size will not overwrite the CM+ size.
CM+ and TM  ... Conduit design status has been added to TrayMatic. When synchronizing with CM+, this data will not override CM+ design status and if it is different, TM will be updated to agree.

DATE: 12/20/2009
CM+ ... A new database to be called the GSN ARCHIVE database, 'GSN-ARCH-<project number>.mdb' will now house the DATA_LOG. In addition, this database, will save the history of cables and their routes and conduits/drop outs when their design status reaches IFC. Warnings:
    1) The geometry of the raceways are not saved.  
    2) If you have added custom fields in the CM+ database for ACRS_CABLE_DATA or ACRS_RACEWAY_DATA, this new archive fuction will ignore them unless you can add the same column names to the ARCH_CABLE_DATA and ARCH_RACEWAY_DATA tables in the archive database.  BE CAREFUL TO MATCH THE FIELD NAMES AND FIELD WIDTH EXACTLY!
CM+ ... The new archive function does not pertain to project type "SCM_BUILDER". Those project types will retain a DATA_LOG table in their CMPFIELD-<projecte number>.mdb  
CM+ ... When commiting a cable when routing single cables, unlocked conduit sizes will be resized.
CM+ ... When running a cable report, when you are asked to store associated raceways in the windows clipboard, trays will be included with the conduits if you check on that option. This offers the capability to query all assocated raceways or run tray and conduit reports.  
CM+ Designer and Builder ... For Live database project types, the builder can change Work Package for cables. This data will be sent back to the designers database using the nightly update.  For other project types, there is no change ... design sets this value.

DATE: 12/14/2009
CM+ ... Audit added to check for cable with design status of IFC and where there is no route or a conduit is used that does not have IFC status. 
CM+ ... For Termination Report (term ticket style B), termination notes added.

DATE: 12/11/2009
CM+ .. Raceway Size lock is not affected by changing Design Status. On 11/23/2009 we had implemented an automatic size lock but we are reversing this now.
TM  .. Loading of retrieving components by prefix code has been made much faster. The savings is significant when there are many retrieval codes.
CM+ and TM .. In Project data table, we have set up the capabilty to lock conduit/drop out data by dsign status IFC/IFR.  PLEASE check the project data table where DATA_1 is 'CONDUIT DESIGN STATUS LOCK' and make changes as required. This data becomes active only when the checkbox for "Raceway Design Status IFC required for installation ticket printing" is checked on and the conduits design status is IFC or IFR. The data locking occurs in the Wintab spreadsheet for conduit and the Renaming function. In TM, data locking occurs in the Conduit data editing form.  Also in TM, deleting, renaming, rerouting, modifying are also affected.   
CM+ and TM .. A rule has been implemented that inhibits TrayMatic from overriding a specified size in CM+. The only time, this can occur is when the size is locked. A size locked, unspecified size (eg: COND RGS, COND AL), can be thought of as a conduit whose size is to be determined in the field. This implementation avoids the confusion when CM+ resizes a conduit and then TM causes it to go back to unspecifed size when a synchronized is done.
TM .. Airways can be locked from being deleted if it's design status is IFC/IFR and "Raceway Design Status IFC required for installation ticket printing" is checked. 

DATE: 11/24/2009
CM+ .. The soft coding for locking the data fields in ACRS_CABLE_DATA has been extended for "IFR".  Use "CABLE DESIGN STATUS LOCK IFR" in thw sam way that "CABLE DESIGN STATUS LOCK IFC" is used.
CM+ .. When IFR is entered for cable data design status, the route lock is set to 'Y'.  This is the same as IFC, except IFC advances the cab rev by 1 for a live a database. 

DATE: 11/23/2009
CM+.. When Trays or Conduits are set to IFC in the spreadsheet S/W, the size lock is set to 'Y' in both CM+ and TM.  THIS IS REVERSED PER 12/11/2009
CM+.. When WorkPkg, Constr Area, Util Code and Size Lock are changed in the spreadsheet S/W, the values are sent to TM.
CM+.. Builder .. When using the Cable Pulled entry form, warnings for incorrect Reel Number are displayed when the Cable Type does not agree with the reel number.
CM+.. Builder .. When using the Cable Pulled entry form, a reel number pull down will show reel numbers corresponding to the cable's cable type.
CM+.. Under file menu, a clean CM+ datbase can be made. This would be useful if your project database has suspect errors in hidden system tables.
CM+.. When synching with TM, the warnings for a conduit's service level not matching it's connected tray has been improved by looking for a common cable segregation code between the two service levels. 
CM+.. Sychronizing Conduit is much faster. This will dramatically speed up a "Full Synch."
CM+.. Since no more than one process should be Synchronizing or Batch Routing at the same time, we have deployed a method to stop that situation from happening. When the situation occurs, a pop up will display who is performing the process. You can cancel or if you wish to continue Synching or Batch Routing. Pressing OK will suspend your request for 30 seconds and a retry will take place.
CM+.. In the event that the program stops during a Full Synch, Tray From/To Drawings and Locations may have been lost in the past. Now CM+ will restore that data from the table TEMP_ACRS_RACEWAY_DATA when a Full Synch is completed.
CM+.. The ACRS_START_UP_SYSTEM table is avaiable for Engineering to input Start Up definitions. Note that a CM_START_UP_SYSTEM table is available for the Builder's module for defintions to use for start and end dates.
CM+ Builder .. The Builder may enter Work Pkg on the Cable Data For Builder or the Cable Status spreadsheets.  Data is saved to both ACRS_CABLE_DATA and CM_CABLE_INSTALLED_STATUS.
CM+ For Live Database operation, when synchronizing with the field, the Work Pkg for cable data entered by the field will override Cable's Work Package in the Designer's database.

DATE: 11/17/2009
CM+...Trays, Conduits and Cables design reports do now report Design Status. There is an option to omit it.

DATE: 11/12/2009
CM+...Bulk pulling in conduits has been updated to accomodate start up system, cable type, from, to, ckt len, actual length, design status, pulled date for cables and cat. number, from, to, length, design status and installed status for conduits. 

DATE: 11/6/2009
CM+ .. Synch error reporting includes more error warnings for conduits/drop outs.
TM ... TBOX SIZE has been added to ACRS_EQUIPMENT_DATA. This will set the initial size of the TBOX when imported to TM from CM+.
CM+... Cable Progress reports have been enhanced to count RFR, IFR and IFC. In addition the report may be groupped by Start up system, Plant system, Work package and Construction area may be added soon. The technique includes the ability to DbQuery form to select the cables.
CM+... Last issue and rev has been removed from the report headings for Live database projects.
CM+... Column Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4 can now be updated using the one column function.

DATE: 10/30/2009 
CM+ .. A report for bulk pulling in conduits has been added to the Designer's and Builder's application. The concept of this report is to avoid complex cable pulling where cables have to be combined at different man holes or other pull points.

DATE: 10/26/2009
CM+... Fields TESTED_DATE, TESTED_BY and STATUS_NOTES added to Cable Engineering and Construction Status report.

DATE: 10/19/2009
TM ... Mouse scroll is added for Retrieval Codes form.
TM ... The Reset Node Size Flag in Options (for Node Style) is set TRUE by default for large nodes. Unchecking it will keep your node style constant.
TM ... A command has been added to the Retrieval Codes form that selects (sets to 'Y') all unused codes. You can then choose to delete from TM to purge them.
CM+ .. When Batch Routing, the "Use list of cables in clipboard" is now the default setting to avoid re-routing all cables accidentally.

DATE: 10/18/2009
CM+ ... Sychronizing from TrayMatic to CableMatic has been made much faster. A fast synch, reads only the TrayMatic components, except for trays that are changed. A full or complete synch is recommended when trays are changed. Read more about it by accessing the CableMatic help menu.
CM+ ... Concerning cable type data, a conductor size code of "FIBER" will not be considered a single conductor for cable tray fill purposes. Therefore, there is no need to fool the program by listing it as having 2 concuctors.
TM  ... Loading Retrieval Codes is much faster after the first time it is loaded.

DATE: 10/12/2009
CM+ ... CM Build additional fields (TESTED_DATE, TESTED_BY and STATUS_NOTES) were added to the CM_CABLE_INSTALLED_STATUS table.

DATE: 10/8/2009
CM+ ... The following was released previously but not recorded in release notes. The audit report for missing raceways in routing vias has been improved to include more information that displays design status, pull ticket print date, cable pulled and broken trays. The broken trays relate to dividing a tray and using the underscore method to keep the tray segments using the same name for construction. This could happem when an air way is inserted. For a design status of IFC where IFC locks the route and route length, the route change when dividing trays will not inofrm construction to reprint the pull tickets. If broken trays are displayed, it means that there is no problem. However, other missing trays or conduits should be a concern because the cable may need rerouting.
CM+ ... Termination drawing numbers are increased to 26 characters.
TM  ... A custom catalog has been added for trays. Operate the new option from the project data form.

DATE: 9/26/2009
CM+ ... Added Cable Routing Primer to Help main menu.
CM+ ... Added CABUSER_6 to ACRS_CABLE_DATA table. Heading can be defined in Project_Data_Table
CM+ ... Changed Wintab view for ACRS_CABLE_DATA. All official cable data fields are visible.
TM  ... Unhilight has been made extremely fast.

DATE: 9/16/2009
For Construction:
There is a new CM+ BuilderGuide.pdf included which update the guide to the current program status.  There have been several major additions:
1) FROM and TO termination tickets can be printed separately....  Requested by Dickerson project.
2) There is new form (Cable Tickets for GF's) to prepare cable and termination tickets that is "friendly" while powerful ....  Requested by Dickerson project.
3) A new three stage report compares engineering changes that impact installation for cables ....  Requested by Dickerson project.
4) A custom import has been provided for SCM (specific for construction) and is now limited to cables.
5) The warning concerning a reprinted ticket is printed on the cable pull and termination tickets,
6) An outstanding tickets report lists tickets that are overdue.
7) A FROM and TO is printed on the termination tickets (currently only implemented for Dickerson .. we will look into how to make it available for all).

DATE : 9/14/2009
CM+ Communication in Main Menu permits text messaging, list of users logged in and ability te end a CM+ process. Admin rights are required to end any process.

DATE : 9/9/2009
CM+ ...  When Raceway Design Status Active check box is checked, Conduit and Tray Installations tickets will not print.

DATE: 8/24/2009
CM+ ... A new button on the Designer's menu "Status amd Summary Reports" offers reports that combine engneering status and construction status.  Cable Progress and Inventory, Cable Progress by Start Up, Conduit Summary and Tray Summary are all summary type reports whereas the Cable Status report is a detail report for ecah cable.
CM+ ... A special project type (SCM_BUILDER) has been created for importing engineering data from the softwarte called Shaw Cable Manager. Currently only cable and wire data is imported. The CM+ Builder application will use this data.
CM+ ... The builder application has a new way of generatiing pull tickets and terminations tickets using the General  Forman form.  This form is user friendly and will permit printing FROM or TO termiation tickket separately.
CM+ ... The builder application now displays a warning on pull tickets and term tickets concerning wheter is was re printed and or the cable pulled or terminated.
CM+ ... A special termination ticket has been made avaialble for project type 'SCM_BUILDER' which prints "FROM" or "TO" in bold large font on the term tickets.  Please let GSN know if this option should be made avaiable for your projects.
CM+ ... The builder application has a new feature to implement password security for functions: ADMIN, GF, RECORDER and QUERY.  The method can be made avaiable upon request by adminstrators only.

DATE: 8/7/2009
CM+ ... Thanks to a constructive request by Gerald Ray of the SHAW GROUP we have finally figured out and have added MOUSE SCROLLING to Wintab.
CM+ ... Hide Columns has been added to Wintab to make it easier to view wide spreadsheets.
CM+ ... Wintab can now accomodate up to 30 columns with column 27 being Z1, 28 is Z2, etc.
CM+ and TM .. Construction Area has been added to raceways. Use The tray or conduit editing form in TM to set the values.  The Areas will be imported to CM+.  
CM+ ... Some of the Summary and Status reports now use DBQuery capabilty to select cables and raceway to be contained in the chosen report.
TM  ... Any electrical box (TBOX, JBOX, MHOLE) can be annotated with a a leader line. Formerly, only TBOXs could be annotated.
CM+ ... Tray Fill for TRIPLEXED or SPACED cables have been corrected to remove the extra tray width of one grouping of cables.

DATE: 7/23/2009
CM+ ... In Builder's module on the Cable Pulled form and on Raceway Installed form the text input boxes are replaced with pull downs so that data can now be also retrieved from previous.
CM+ ...In Project data we have a new option for Pulled Cables form.  We support either entering the circuit length of the pulled cable or the footage markers. In the second case the circuit length will be calculated from the footage markers.

DATE: 7/22/2009
CM+  ... Added function to Builder module to import work package and start-up system from the ACRS_CABLE_DATA table using the selected CM+ database.
CM+ Added an option to print Cable Outside Diameter (OD), Cable weight(lbs)/ft, Min bending radius (inches) and cable laying method on cable pull tickets.
CM+ ... Constraints From/To Equip and Design Status added to Cable Report.
CM+ ... Improved documentation for making cable and wire markers. See CM+ BuilderGuide.pdf
CM+ ... Designer's application can now print all summary reports that are in Builder's application.
TM  ... Added option to tag trays with tray ids only ... width, commodity, elevation are not shown.

Date: 7/9/ 2009
CM+ ... The following Eccel Export functions were added.  The list of these functions can be viewed from the Help menu in CableMatic.
CM + ... Excel export functions have been added:
     EXCELCABLELAYINGMETHOD  this was added in some past update but was not reported.
     EXCELGETCABLEROUTE-CONDSIZE    Returns for Cable, cable route (CSV format) including conduit sizes
     EXCELGETCABLEROUTE-OMITDROPOUTS-CONDSIZE   Returns for Cable,  cable route (CSV format) omitting drop outs including conduit sizes
     The functions are documented in Excel Export.pdf
CM+  ... A new design report is available for the Drawing List

Date: 7/7/2009
CM+ ... Equipment Location drawing number added to termination data entry form.
CM+ ... When IFC is entered for cable data design status, the route lock is set to 'Y'.
CM+ ... The reset commands for pull tickets and raceway intallation tickets has been disabled.  These buttons were visible only on the Builders application.
TM ...  AutoCAD point style enabling (see 6/23/2009) is saved between TrayMatic sessions.
CM+ .. The overflow error in Wintab has been corrected. The error was related to dual screen usage.
CM+ ...Two more rules have been added for calculating tray fill and cable laying.  For Triplex/Trefoil Cable Arrangements, we currently have TRIPLEXED to mean 2.15xOD spacing bewteen the triplex laying arrangement. We have added TRIPLEXED0X to indicate no spacing and Triplex laying arrangement. For Single Layer Cables We currently have SPACED which indicates a Single Layer with 1xOD spacing between cables, We have added TOUCHING which would indicate a Single Layer touching configuration.  TRIPLEXED0X and TOUCHING will be in the pull downs for conductor size in the Cable Types work sheet. In addition, we have added a NEC Rule Override column in the Basic cable data work sheet. If the cable has NEC Rule Override value, that value will be used for the tray fill calc rule as well as the cable laying rule. Beware that these rules can only apply to single conductor cables.

Date: 6/30/2009
CM+ ... The Command Line -AUTO_FIELD_UPDATE -proj=<Project Number> will silently synchronize (copy field data) form the file CMPFIELD-<Project Number>.mdb.  Cars.exe should be started such that the current directory is the project directory. This is related to the change made on 6/10/2009.
CM+ ... Two functions have been added to the Advanced Tools form: 1) Save Raceway From/To Dwgs and 2) Restore RacewayFrom/To Dwgs.  These functions have been provided as a solution to a problem where raceway dwg numbers are lost. We are unaware how drawing numbers would be lost, however this problem has occurred.

Date: 6/23/2009 
TM  ... Tray reducers are counted in BOM as splice plates when IR is set to 1. The GSN commodity codes are different for left, right and concentric reducers. Map codes to achieve desired results.
CM+ ... Cable note for cable has been increased to 150 characters.  The note will wrap under the actual route on the cable report after the cable laying method. This note also appears on the cable pull ticket.
TM  ... Under Main Menu, we have a new option that enables the user to change the node style and keep it that way. Click on Options->Do Not Reset Node Style to set/reset this option.

Date: 6/2/2009
TM  ... Retrieval code drop down added to creating duct bank conduit form.  The drop down choices are 'DBC' (if defined) and those retrieval codes where the DESCRIPTIONS contains the word 'DUCT BANK.'  The code initially selected will correspond to the conduit selected as the guide path.
CM  ... Plan FROM and TO drawing number is now printed on all termination ticket styles
CM and TM ... Tray heights in the CableMatic raceway catalog may be decimal (eg:7.25). Raceway Types will use the integer value of the physical height. and so a raceway type would be something like TRAY LADDER 7H.

Date: 6/2/2009
TM  ... Retrieval code drop down added to creating duct bank conduit form.  The drop down choices are 'DBC' (if defined) and those retrieval codes where the DESCRIPTIONS contains the word 'DUCT BANK.'  The code initially selected will correspond to the conduit selected as the guide path.
CM  ... Plan FROM and TO drawing number is now printed on all termination ticket styles
CM and TM ... Tray heights in the CableMatic raceway catalog may be decimal (eg:7.25). Raceway Types will use the integer value of the physical height. and so a raceway type would be something like TRAY LADDER 7H.

Date: 5/29/2009
CM+ ... Added additional row for ground cable for cable with cable type having an external ground.
CM+ ... When RT_LEN_OVERRIDE is set to 0, RT_LEN will be '0' after Refreshing Len function runs. In the past RT_LEN was set blank is this situation.
TM  ... Added new conduit cross sections styles. Choose one in TM Project Data. Click View Styles button to choose style.
TM  ... Barrier length was corrected. The length calculated previously was double for one barrier and 50% more for two barriers.

Date: 5/22/2009
CM+ ... Added Cable Status report to combine design and construction status
CM+ ... Added Cable Status Summary report which combines design and construction status and sums by cable type and cable segregation code.
CM+ ... Raceway From and To Locations that are entered manually and which are not blank will be remembered after synching with TrayMatic.  This provides the ability to over write what CM+ will calculate.
CM+ ... For builder - When IFC checking is on, when cable pull ticket is printed and cable is not IFC for pull, then probelem will show on Pull discrepancy report.
CM+ ... For Builder - When IFC checking is on, when cable term ticket is printed and is cable is not IFC for term, then problem will show on termination discrepancy report.

Date: 5/19/2009
CM+ ... Added new table and spreadsheet ACRS_DRAWING_LIST.  This data is currently passive. A functions that uses the data to automatically set Plan Dwg No for raceway may be activiated in the future.
CM+ ... When using the Insert New Record only in DBView, cables that ar enot new will be reported and added to paste errors.
CM+ ... When using Live Database, cable revisions are advanced automatically when Design Status is set to 'IFC'. Cable Revisions cannot be changed manually when Live Databas checked on.

Date: 5/13/2009
CM+ ... New functions for EXCEL export include EXCELGETCABLESCONTAINED and EXCELGETALLOWABLEPCT. See manual Excel Export.pdf.
TM  ... Rotation of boxes imported from PDS - Shaw Power format is retained.
CM+ ... Plan From and To drawings are now reported on Cable Pull Tickets.
CM+ ... Cable pull tickets, no longer print drop outs or air ways. 
CM+ ... Cable report content options can now be saved in the database as your default when you use design reports.
CM+ ... The cable report content setting for substituting field run conduits for drop outs (where NOTE_1 is FIELD RUN) will be reflected on the pull ticket. Also the setting for including the conduit size will be reflected on the pull ticket.
CM+ ... There is a new in Cable report content to change the heading for Work Pkg to Turn Over Pkg.  
TM ...  When importing equipment from CableMatic, the retrieval code that is set in ACRS_EQUIPMENT_DATA is automatically created.

Date: 5/8/2009
CM+ and TM .. Utilization code is now 1 to 10 characters
TM ... Tray commodity code bubbles that have two characters can optionally be drawn as an ellipse in sorder to show the value more clearly.

Date: 5/5/2009
TM ... In conduit edit form, we support sorting by physical location including the AEP method (also known as the snake)
TM ... Ability to change conduit numbers in conduit editing form and avoiding "Duplicate conduit number" problem.
TM ... Ability to change tag of conduit or delete conduit from picking a circle on an exploded cross section.
CM+ ... Pull tickets should not print drop outs and "Field Run Conduit" should appear ... same as cable schedule report.
CM+ ... Route ratio is now the ratio between route length divided by orthogonal length between equipment. Previouly, The denominator was the direct length between the equipment.

Date: 4/27/2009
1. Tray nodes are not drawn when tray layer is hidden. Use refresh button to erase nodes after hiding layer. Use refresh button to show nodes after un-hiding layer.
2. When Design Status Active check box is checked:
   a) When Design status is RFR (ready For Route), cable data changes are locked for fields listed in project data.
   b) When Design status is IFC (issued for construction), cable data changes are locked for fields listed in project data. This also permits a pull ticket to be printed.
   c) When Term Design status is IFC (issued for construction) permits a termination ticket to be printed.
   d) Concerning generating cross sections.  A duct bank conduit previoulsly had to be almost perfectectly perpendicular. Now the anle may be off by 5 degrees. 

Date: 4/19/2009
CM+ ... Two levels of cable data locking has replaced locking all cable data based upon the chosen DESIGN_STATUS.  This new feature, when checked on (see Project Data Form, Cable Design Status RFR/IFC), will use data that has been set in the Project Data data table to set the rule for what cable data is locked when the Design Status is RFR (Ready for routing) and IFC (Issued for contruction). Also when this feature is cehecked on, a cable pull ticket will not print unless the Design_Status is 'IFC'. In addition, a cable's termination ticket will not print unless the Term_Design_Statis is 'IFC'.
CM+ ... We have added a new pop-up report grid when using the Wire termination and jumper data form. The 'From Eq Config' and the 'To Eq Config' gather all cables connecting a terminal and report them.  When using the 'From Eq Config' command, the terminals on the left of the report are for the From side of the cable. The 'To Eq Config' command works the same way for the TO side of the cable. We have also added an Equipment Wiring Configuration table with corresponding Wintab work sheet.  This table can hold the list of terminals available for an equipment. Please use sequence numbers like 001, 002 so that the terminals will list in a manner corresponding to their physical locations. This equipment Wiring Configuration data will also appear on the pop up report grid. You can copy unused terminals from the report grid and paste them on the proper positions on the Wire termination and jumper data form. We are looking to get your feed back on the use of this new feature.

Date: 4/2/2009
CM+ ... SECTION 1 and SECTION_2 has been added to the ACRS_CABLE_DATA table. These fields may be used for compartment numbers. These fileds if not empty will appear on the Cable Schedule (under Routing), Cable Termination Ticket and Cable Pull Tickets.
CM+ .. There is a new option (using Project Data) to use a different style termination ticket. When checked, the termination and jumper form will display additional fields for Cable Purpose, Termination Notes and Drawing References.
TM ... Technique added whereby a tray BOM will display B-Line catalog numbers. In addition, you can record specific vendor catalog numbers for tray fittings.  The method os similar to what was done before.  Please call if you need any help with this new addition.
CM+ ... A project name can now be set on the log in form to remind a user of what the project number stands for. That name is set only by CableMatic.
CM+ ... There is a new option in the project data form that will switch the view of cable data used for the Cable Data For and Routing Form.  A new view [ACRS -DB] ACRS_CABLE_DATA_2 displays SECTION_1 and SECTION_2 as SECTION FOR FROM and TO respectively.  The view [ACRS -DB] ACRS_CABLE_DATA contains the CAB USER 1 and 2 data as before.
CM+ ... The tbl file where the spreadsheet data is saved, now is automatically named 'CMP-<project number>-<employee ID>.tbl'. Your previous file will be copied over to this new name and your old file will be deleted.

Date: 3/30/2009
TM ... Technique added whereby a tray BOM will display B-Line catalog numbers. In addition, you can record specific vendor catalog numbers for tray fittings.  The method os similar to what was done before.  Please call if you need any help with this new addition.

Date: 3/19/2009
TM ... The Prefix Builder is now called Retrival Code Builder and a new version has been released for Shaw Power. Please call GSN Technologies if you would like to implement this function.

Date: 3/18/2009
TM ... The grid for the Define Retrieval codes and Retrieve/Remove Components forms, will grow/shrink as you resize the form. 

Date: 3/17/2009
TM ... Retrieval code is now 10 characters and we hope that's enough.

The functions that Define Retrieval codes (previously Define Component Prefixes)  and Retrieve/Remove Components has been overhauled to work much faster. A filter for Area Code has now been added. There is a difference how to delete Retrieval Codes while in the Define Retieval Codes form.  You can select one or more codes and the Menu > Edit> Delete Retrieval Codes from Database. A retrieval code will not be deleted if components are still using the retrieval code. You will be alerted to any codes not deleted.

Date: 3/12/2009
TM ... Support for 2 digit row number for UG duct array ... requested by Shaw Power
TM ... 8 Character Retrieval Code (previously called Prefix Code wand was previoulsly 6 characters) ... requested by Shaw Power and Lockwood Greene.
TM and 14 character Tagging Prefix
TM Option for 2,3 or 4 char suffix for trays.  Same feature for conduits requested by Lockwood Greene
CM+ ... Add INTOOLS_TAG in ACRS_CABLE_DATA ... Requested by Power Eng
Raceway Tags can have upto 16 chars(previously 15) requested by Lockwood Greene
CM+ ... Option to compact Route String for Cable Schedule.  The longest raceway tag is used to define the spacing.
CM+ ... Added Retrieval Code to ACRS_EQUIPMENT_DATA for assigning a retrieval code in TM.

Date: 2/26/2009
CM+ ... Ability to use constraints for Cable BOM
TM  ... Function to report BOM for Above Ground and Under Ground conduits with fittings.

Date: 2/16/2009
TM ... Conduit size and type drop down selection jumps to item being typed.

Date: 2/11/2009
a) CM+ ... CableMatic template for Wire colors has included E-2 which is the same as K-2. 
b) CM+ ... Outside diameter has been added to the ACRS_RACEWAY_CAT table. If this field contains data, TrayMatic will use this diameter. Otherwise the internal diameter will be used as before.  
c) TM ... Added import for SHAW PDS equipment, manholes and pullboxes. Function is TM menu File>Microstation and PDS>Import Locaions From PDS>Import Equipment, Manholes and Pullboxes.  Details will be displayed when you run the function.

Date: 2/4/2009
a) TM ... Added function to transform multiple lines/3DPolys to conduits. The conduit size will be determined by the circle diameter that may be attached at the end of the conduit line. Currently, we assume that the type is COND PVC-40. This may change in the future as the function is improved.
b) TM ... A new form is avaialable that will "picture box" the naming and creating of Facility Prefix Codes by Unit, raceway type, service level and area.  Currently this feature has been implemented for Shaw Power and will be available soon for all our clients.

Date: 1/31/2009
Search distance is increased to set conduit from or to connecting an electrical box when refreshing after modify mode. The normal search distance is 10ft from box center. The extended search is 50ft form box center. 

Date: 1/24/2009
a) CM+ ...Include Route Thru Equip in Cable Report
b) TM... BOM for Conduits in drawing
Date: 1/23/2009
a) CM+... Database Snap shot implemented for Live Database for construction. Works similar as an issue for database with no live data. The Raceways revisions are handled the same way, for cables there are three self explaining options.
b) CM+... has a new spreadsheet table ACRS_BASIC_CABLE_DATA with an Estimated Length column for cables. It will be used in cooperation with LoadMatic.
c) CM+... New report in Audits,Calc and Tools: Compare Cable Route Length against Estimated Length.
d) TM & CM+ use extended prefix code for tagging trays and conduits.

Date: 1/13/2009                                
a) TM & CM+... use extended prefix code for tagging trays and conduits. Note the extra field in Facilty Prefix Codes for TrayMatic.                            
b) TM .. Qleader, SnapAng and ID added to TM ACAD Favorites    

Date: 1/4/2009
a) Thanks to an engineer in CH2M Hill, we have a correction in the interpretation of the NEC rules 392-10a3, 9a3 and 9c3. Fortunately, the incorrect interpretations were on the conservative side.
b)There is no impact for rule 9c3 since 9c1 and 9c2 were interpreted correctly and 9c3 is actually a combination of those rules.
c) Rule 392-10a3 is actually a combination of rule 10a1 and 10a2.  However we are applying a factor of 1.02 for rule 10a1 in lieu of 1.0 because of some slight error in the NEC calculations and we want to be conservative.
d) Rule 392-9a3 is actually a combination of rule 9a1 and 9a2.  However we are applying a factor of 1.03 for rule 9a1 in lieu of 1.0 because of some slight error in the NEC calculations and we want to be conservative.
e) Please call us if you need a copy of the revised rule interpretations.                

Date: 1/4/2009
CM+ ... Added function to list cables that are in common trays.

Date: 1/4/2009
CM+ ... Spare print automatically on Termination Tickets when wire is unused.

Date: 1/4/2009
CM+ ... Added Checksum for Tray and Conduit Install Tickets to ensure that they will be reprinted if the design changes.

Date: 12/5/2008
CM+ ... When synching, air ways are checked that they connect tray control nodes.

Date: 12/3/2008
Add function to generate a cross section for an inputed section number.

Date: 12/2/2008
TM .. Place Project Commodity Code on node of fitting.  Uses alias Commodity Code if available. User will use Acad Zoom To functions to find the text.

Date: 12/2/2008    
TM ... Can delete conduit from picking circle in exploded cross sections.  Circle is deleted to show what conduits were deleted.

Date: 11/23/2008
TM ... When using Conduit Editing form, you can select a conduit from exploded cross section by picking the circle. 

Date: 12/2/2008
TM ... Conduit cross-section formatting enhanced.  Added check box to use alias instead of conduit Id tag and check box to place tag above circle. 

Date: 11/24/2008        
TM ... Vertical tees are supported

Date: 11/17/2008
CM+ ... Added provision for security to cable data changes. Added the capability to avoid cable data changes when the cable’s design status is set to a pre-defined value that is input in the CM+ Project Data dialogue.  Cable data that can be “locked” are those values that would cause a cable revision.
CM+ ... Printing Spare Jumpers can be turned off in project data. 
TM ... A conduit route can be extended by setting conduit/drop out to modify mode and adding lines/3Dpolys at the conduit's ends and then select the function to extend the conduits.
TM ... Tag data is not optionally exported to the dgn file for Trays, Conduits, Tboxes, Mholes and Duct Banks.  Data is component type and component Id.  This capability can only be exploited if the client has an application that deciphers the data.  For this purpose a Linkage ID has to be established with the vendor providing the review/interference S/W.
TM ... An audit of cable MBR for selected Trays and Conduits will report the raceway and cables where the cable MBR exceeds the bending radius of the conduit or inside radius of the tray.
CM+ ... Database change tracking that records data old and new data and person. Review changes in the data-logging database table where they can be managed (viewed and deleted) using our spreadsheet and query software.
CM+ ... A "Live Database" option provides for real time data sharing with construction. Revision control includes an advancing update counter.  The counter is only advanced when a change is encountered that is a listed field in the Revision Control table. Dates of any change including the change is revision is included in the data-logging table. This is a new method, and at this time, revision control for cable data is implemented. Cable terminations have a different method of revision control based on when the termination Tickets are printed. In addition Trays and conduits will have to use another method such as a comparison to a previous CM+ database.
CM+ ... Added a revision field for each cable wire and a termination revision for the entire cable. Although we have added this field we have determined that the software already performs revision control for cable terminations.  The Builder’s module tracks that what was printed on the termination ticket and informs the user what side (From or To) has changed so that the termination ticket should be reissued. 
CM+ ... Added Tray installation ticket similar to the conduit installation ticket.

Date: 11/5/2008
TM ... Vertical or inclined reducers are supported. 

Date: 10/30/2008
TM ... Macro GSNShapes updated to accommodate Tag and CompType in the export to 3D DGN and added option to export Tboxes.
TM ... Cross-Sections output the Tag and Conduit Size outside the circle for small conduits to avoid printing conduit size on the circle boundary.
CM+ ... Builders template is now merged with design template. The Builder's CM+ mdb template is now obsolete. This change will accommodate an easier method for data sharing between Design and Construction and to implement the option to offer a live database that is shared between design and construction.
TM ... Added Audit report to check minimum bend radius for the cables passing thru conduits and trays.
CM+ ... The cable tag is now up to 23 chars and all reports have been modified.  The cable tag wraps in the cable report.

Date: 10/13/2008
TM ... Enhanced the function for TrayMatic that draws conduit cross-sections.  The conduit material will be taken from the material field in the Raceway catalog data in CableMatic. If that field is empty, material will be taken form the word after 'COND'in the Raceway Type field. The Conduit Size will be taken from the first word in the catalog number and if there is only one word in that field, the size will be taken form the first word of the description field.  For metric projects, the Conduit Size will be an integer value.
CM+ ... Added new report that helps manage changes between issues for cable bill of material. You can find this function in the Design Reports in CableMatic ... report D24.

Date: 9/5/2008
CM+ ... Plant system can be reported on the Cable Report.  Please set the appropriate check mark on in CableMatic Project Data. 
CM+ ... After a cable report is generated; you will be asked if you want a make a conduit report for the conduits used by the cables in your cable report. If you answer 'Yes' your windows clipboard will have the list of conduits in your windows clipboard. To use the list of conduits in your clipboard, run a conduit report and restrict the conduits reported by pasting the list in the "Restrict By Tag List" form.