Plant Design

Working with Plant Design Systems:

     There are several companies that offer plant design systems; AutoDeskTM, BentleyTM, IntergraphTM, and AvevaTM.  These systems are focused on piping and structural design; offering limited support for the electrical design of industrial facilities. 

     Your company may have the capability to use more than one of these systems.  The system chosen to use could be based on experience, skills available, or as required by the client.  Under normal circumstances, the electrical discipline is not consulted in which system to use.  This poses a problem for electrical engineers.  While these systems add to the efficiency for the mechanical discipline, there has been little to no regards to  electrical engineering’s needs.

      The founder of GSN Technologies recognized the need for electrical engineering software compatible with all plant design systems.  Click on the icons below to learn more about the specific ways the GSN software suite complements the plant design process…

  TrayMatic                              CableMatic                                  LoadMatic

(Raceway Design)                              (Cable Routing)                             (Load Center Design)

Icon for Cable Tray Design Software
Icon for Cable Management System and Electrical Routing Software
Icon for Single Line Diagram and Schematic Design Software