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Runtime Error 3163

I get a runtime error 3163 "The Field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add.  Try inserting or pasting less data" when trying to import LoadMatic cables into CableMatic.

How do I determine which field is causing the problem?

     Unfortunately, that's usually an error that we have to help you with.  It will help us in tracking down the error to know which of the check boxes are selected on the "Import From LoadMatic" window that pops up after selecting "Import LoadMatic equipment and cables" from the CableMatic Plus main menu.  This will help to narrow down which field of which record has too much data.  

     The easiest way to solve this error is to upload the database to your GSN supplied dropbox so that we may step into the program and actually see the record causing the error.  The method to upload the databases can be found here...

    The username and password for your dropbox is supplied by GSN.  Please contact your in house "GSN Administrator" for this information.  If your administrator does not have the information, please contact the main office at (678) 831-0725 and we will give it to you. 

     Once you have connected to your dropbox, create and name a folder in your dropbox accordingly and upload your CableMatic Plus database.  It will help to speed up the process to let us know, either by forum post or email, that the database has been uploaded so we know it's available to look at.  



GSNT Team.
Did you find out the root cause about this issue? if you did, could you please describe the solution in this forum? I am interested in to know it.
thank you for your feedback.

Hey Carlos,

In order to get to the bottom of the problem, we have to add a functionality to the program that will let us know what field is trying to be updated that fails. What operation are you running in the program when you receive the error?

Hi GSNT Team
Did you find out the root cause about this issue? if you di, could you please provide the workaround in this forum? I am interested in to know it.

Thank you for your feedback.

Hey Carlos,

Sorry it's been a while... as I stated earlier, in order to know where to add the error protection functionality to the computer, we have to know what function you are running when you receive the error. Once we know the steps being performed that are not working as expected, we can investigate further.


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