Announcement to GSN Customers

GSN Customers:

Important announcement from Gerald Nestler

      I have the pleasure of announcing that Southwire has purchased the intellectual property of my company, GSN Technologies. This acquisition ensures that GSN’s clients will continue to be supported and that the software system will be maintained and enhanced to meet the changing trends in the field of electrical design and construction. Southwire is not only a leading supplier of cable and cable installation products, they also have a firm commitment to providing tools and instruction to their clients that save time and money for construction.

      I had to keep it secret for more than a year now, but now I can proudly say that GSN has helped Southwire add a new dimension to our field of electrical construction. We have developed software to bring your electrical design to the field to reduce time and expense in construction. No matter what system you use for your plant design, your electrical model will be available to be used in the fast growing BIM environment. The GSN personnel, including myself, will continue to work at Southwire and the software system will be renamed Building Electrical Modeling Solutions (BEM Solutions).

      I stand ready to discuss the new software options that are available and what is in our plan for the future. I have always welcomed your input and look forward to more discussions. Thank you for loyalty throughout these past ten years.

Best Regards,
  Gerald S. Nestler, P.E.
  Ph:     (770) 598-4804
  Founder of GSN Technologies and now Lead Software Consultant for Southwire BEM Solutions Team

Important announcement from Clay Smith of Southwire

      We at Southwire are extremely excited to partner with Jerry and the entire GSN Technologies team. We found this wonderful software solution through several of our customers (many of you) who are using the product. Jerry will be actively involved with the day to day development of the software for a number of years. In addition, we are adding personnel and employing resources to grow the solution to its full potential.

      As we progress, please continue to suggest ways in which we can make the product better. We look forward to working with each of you. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at or at (678) 831-0725. We will maintain the GSN office and phone number until we transition into a larger space in the next few months.

Kind Regards,
  Clay Smith
  Vice President, BEM Solutions Team

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